Voice Logging

Improve Service Quality and Agent Productivity with Voice Logging

Real-time monitoring with voice loggingVoice logging is the practice of listening to, recording, and assessing interactions between call center agents and callers.  The feature is generally used for agent training and productivity, quality control, records of verbal agreements, follow-up information, and liability protection.  Call centers that utilize voice logging generally see an increase in agent productivity and improved average handle time.

Customer satisfaction is also increased dramatically when voice logging is employed.  Agents are able to listen to previous calls, and understand the best way to handle any situation that may arise.  It can also be used to show agents where they may need improvement, and in which areas they excel.

AVOXI’s cloud storage stores these recordings on its servers for 15 days for compliance or agent training purposes.

*In some areas, all parties to a call must be aware that a voice logger is being used.  If this is the case for your area, an automated message should be set up to inform the caller that they may be monitored or recorded.

Extended Voice Logging Storage

Easy Access to Recorded Calls with Voice LoggingWhen using AVOXI’s Call Center VoIP Solution, Smart Queue, voice loggings are stored for 15 days and then purged from the system. If desired, clients using Smart Queue are able to purchase extended storage for the recordings. Calls will be stored for as long as desired. Pricing is based on tiers of minutes stored starting at 100,000 minutes.

AVOXI’s powerful set of voice logging tools enable call centers to ensure a consistent and quality customer experience, improve agent knowledge and productivity and identify additional revenue opportunities which, in turn, improve profitability.

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