VoIP Call Termination

VoIP call termination reduces costs without reducing quality.

VoIP call termination is providing a path or route through which voice can be transmitted or sent over Internet.

VoIP Call Termination Overview

VoIP call termination routes a telephone call from one provider to another using voice over Internet Protocol, or the IP network to transmit the voice packets.

VoIP Call Termination – A Closer Look

VoIP call termination transfers voice packets over the Internet Protocol network, rather than the tradition public switched telephone network. This allows for much more cost-efficient long-distance phone calls, and is frequently used by businesses with an international customer base or international office locations.

AVOXI’s VoIP Call Termination

VoIP call termination from AVOXI enables VoIP calls to be terminated anywhere in the world with cost-effective, high-quality service and 24/7 support.

VoIP call termination solutions can be customized based on network configurations, utilizes private and public Internet connections, and can operate within a Cisco VPN.

Before the introduction of VoIP, phones ran over the PSTN, and long-distance calls were incredibly expensive. The first recognizable VoIP software was launched in 1995, and was revolutionary for its time. Because it was such a success, networking hardware providers became encouraged to develop business VoIP phone system products and replace outdated business telephony solutions.

VoIP call termination provides a cost-effective telephony solution that allows for long-distance call rates to be drastically lower than PSTN. VoIP call termination also provides secure, high-quality phone calls transferred over an IP network.

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