VoIP Gateway Solution

The AVOXI VoIP Gateway

The AVOXI VoIP Gateway Solution is the preferred VoIP solution for larger customers with existing PBX and phone systems.  The solution consists of running Voice over IP through a Cisco IAD (Integrated Access Device) which is installed on your premise between your router and PBX.  It allows you to retain your present PBX and phone configurations.

voip-gateway-solution-as-low-as-160x183You must have dedicated internet bandwidth (DSL or cable modem) from a local ISP and a public IP address that you can assign to the IAD.

The IAD converts voice signals into data packets and vice versa.  The IAD solution is scalable and can grow with your business.  IADs can be daisy chained together to accommodate an increased number of phone lines.

Like all of AVOXI services, the quality for the IAD solution is outstanding and multiple redundancies in our network ensure that our service is reliable.  We back this with 24 X 7 customer support and provide all of our customers with password protected access to a secure web interface where they can see all of their CDRs (Call Detail Records).

VOIP Gateway Solutions

On inbound calls, the caller dials a toll-free number which is routed over the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) to the AVOXI Gateway and Server.

There, all calls are first packetized as data and then routed to your location over the internet. The ethernet port on the Cisco IAD (Integrated Access Device) located on your premise will have an assigned public IP address that is pre-registered in the AVOXI server(s).

At your location, the packets travel through to your router to your Ethernet Hub, and are then handed off to the IAD. The IAD then converts the data packets back into voice calls (either analog or digital, depending on your PBX) and hands the call off to the PBX. The PBX distributes the call to your phones as it normally does so that you retain all your current PBX functionality and your current phones.

Each call requires 16k of internet bandwidth and the IAD on your premise needs to have a public IP address assigned to it. Example: if you have a 16 port IAD, you will need to have 256k of internet bandwidth dedicated for your calls (16 calls X 16k = 256k).

On outbound calls from your location, the call is generated from your phone through the PBX and handed off to the IAD. The IAD converts the voice call into data packets and hands them off to the router. The router then sends the packets back to the AVOXI VoIP Gateway and Server where the whole inbound process is played out in reverse.

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