VoIP IVR. Your customers reach the right person the first time.

VoIP IVR is an automated telephony system hosted by a VoIP provider that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls to the appropriate recipient.

VoIP IVR Overview


  • Transfers calls to the correct person or agent depending on the caller’s needs
  • Handles simple transactions
  • Provides an efficient way to conduct surveys and polls

VoIP IVR – A Closer Look

VoIP IVR is an automated telephony system that is delivered over Internet Protocol and interacts with callers. It gathers information, looks up information, and routes calls to the right recipient. VoIP IVR lets your customers get information or assistance quickly using only their voice or telephone keypad, and frees up agents’ time to focus on other tasks.

AVOXI’s VoIP IVR Solution

VoIP IVR is a free feature that AVOXI includes with the virtual call center solution, Smart Queue, and the hosted PBX, AVOXI Core.

VoIP IVR solutions include:

  • Easier call routing
  • Integration with voice mail, “find me”, and click-to-call features
  • Ease of programming through a graphical user interface
  • Recordings that can be easily stored and attached as wav. Files

IVR was first introduced in the 1970s to automate tasks in call centers, but the technology was complex and expensive. In the early 1980s the first mainstream market competitor emerged, and made IVR a more feasible feature for call centers to purchase. However, IVR did not become vital for call centers until the late 1990s, and VoIP made its rise into telephony in the early 21st century.

Benefits of VoIP IVR include:

  • Enhanced business image: VoIP IVR lets companies appear larger than they are. For example, an IVR system could offer customers the choice of transferring to sales or support, while both choices could lead to the same person.
  • Improved customer service: VoIP IVR enables callers to reach the right person the first time.
  • Lower costs: IVR applications reduce costs associated with hiring a receptionist to route calls.
  • Better customer experience: Customers with simple transactions can avoid the wait to speak to a live representative, as VoIP IVR can handle the simpler tasks.

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