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Great Call Center Customer Service: 10 Essential Steps

In our experience with call center scheduling software, we find that the success of a call center is directly dependent on the success of the agents working there. Your agents are on the front lines of your business, constantly interacting with customers from all over the world. Because of this, it’s important that your customer service levels are always high.

To help you achieve top customer satisfaction levels, we’ll discuss 10 essential steps to great call center customer service that you can implement in your own call center.

Do your research

Before an agent ever picks up the phone, they need to understand the pain points of your average customer. With this information in hand, your agents can provide excellent call center customer service.

Your agents should be able to easily answer the following questions:

  • Who is your average customer?
  • What do they want?
  • What are their top questions or concerns?

Focus on your interaction

Agents with excellent customer service skills are able to create a trusting and friendly rapport early in any customer interaction, regardless of how many calls they've already answered that day. At the beginning of each conversation, strive to quickly evaluate the customer's emotional state, quickly address their concerns and keep them well informed.

Follow up

Call center customer service doesn’t end after the call is completed. Consider following up with your customers where applicable to make sure their concerns were addressed and that they’re happy with the end result.

Under promise and over deliver

It’s extremely important to be honest with customers during their customer service experience. Don’t over promise - especially when you're not sure what the outcome of the situation will be.

Quick response

Customers appreciate immediate responses. Do your best to get back with customers as soon as you can. This will improve customer service because customers will know they’re being helped as soon as possible.

Score and analyze customer calls

To improve customer service levels, it’s important to analyze calls that are currently taking place on your system. With virtual call center software, it's easy to use call recording to listen to past calls and analyze them for success and for places where improvement could be made.

Some call center managers even recommend encouraging agents to listen to and score their own calls. Instead of simply telling your agents what they're doing right or wrong, they can begin to identify specific places for improvement in terms of  customer service.

Collect customer feedback

Following an interaction with your customer support team, you should reach out to customers for their feedback. This could be in the form of a survey, call or anything else. This feedback will help you train your team for success.

Work on results, not speed

Speed may be important in terms of customer hold time, but it can be argued that a successful (but longer) customer interaction is worth the wait. Don’t rush through a customer's problem; make sure that you’ve fully addressed their concerns before moving on to help the next caller.

Reward your employees

This one falls on call center managers. Try encouraging your employees to strive for higher customer service levels by implementing incentive programs. These incentives can go to employees with the highest customer service levels or those with the best scores on calls.

Be honest

It’s important that customers fully understand every detail of the process that they go through with you. Be honest about what they should expect in terms of wait times and prices. This way the customer is 100% ready for whatever may happen.

Delivering Great Call Center Customer Service

Now that we've shared our 10 essential steps to great call center customer service, we want to hear your input! What key actions do you take to  achieve top customer satisfaction levels in your call center?