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2017 Call Center Trends: What Our Customers Have to Say

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We recently published a blog, Top 5 Call Center Trends to Watch in 2017, exploring upcoming trends we expect for call centers in 2017. Most of these trends were predicted in part due to the growing capabilities of Cloud technology and the desire for instant gratification for both customers and employees. We recently interviewed a few of our call center clients to see what their outlook is like for 2017 and explore their areas of focus for the upcoming months. Do their expectations match the expected trends for this year?

2017 Call Center Trends

The five trends that were predicted for call centers in 2017 by ICMI were:

  1. Chatbots
  2. Social Media Customer Service
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. The Customer Experience
  5. Technology Ecosystems

During the calls with our customers we discovered that these trends were indeed on the mind of managers. While every manager, regardless of industry, has overlapping areas of interest, we found that our customers specifically mentioned a few of these trends that they intended to focus on.


Waiting is a thing of the past when it comes to customer service. Instant gratification when it comes to a question or concern is essential for any business. This is likely the reason why chatbots were predicted to be a trend in 2017. One of our customers specifically mentioned that utilizing a chat feature would greatly impact the way that they not only interact with their customers, but their employees too. It’s a simple tool that allows for quick and seamless communication.

Employee Engagement

Having engaged employees and working towards a seamless workforce was another top trend for call centers in 2017. While we heard about the benefit of actively engaged employees on calls with several of our customers, one call stands out specifically. They discussed the features they use from AVOXI, such as call whisper and call monitoring, that allows them to better train their team. They use these tools to coach them and encourage them. Thus, creating a more unified workforce.

The Customer Experience

Customer is king in the world of business. Without a customer, your call center wouldn’t make a sale. It’s no surprise that the customer experience trend proved to be spot on during conversations with our customers. One customer mentioned that since their tourism company operates in a different country than a majority of their customers, establishing a trusting relationship is key to their success. AVOXI’s communication toolkit with features like call forwarding and IVR auto attendant allows them to reliably do this.

In an ever-changing industry that grows as technology changes, it’s essential to listen to your customers and receive their feedback. These interviews allowed us to get insight into what’s happening in the real world for a call center and how managers plan on growing their business this year. 2017 trends seem to be spot on with their plans and areas of interest so your company may want to consider exploring and implementing some of them in your business.