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Call Center Software: 3 Training Tools to Utilize

Call center software isn’t just used to manage a call center. There are a number of features that can be used as training tools for your agents. In this article, we’ll talk about three aspects of call center software that double as a training resource for your call center.

Playback your recorded calls

Call recording is one of the most popular features available on call center software. Most call centers use it to keep track of customer requests but have you considered using it as a training tool?

Here at AVOXI, our sales team listens to past calls in their weekly meetings. By listening to these call recordings, the sales team can analyze their sales pitch, understand the perspective of the customer on the other line and listen for areas of the call that could use some improvement.

Listen in on current calls

For managers looking for other training opportunities, live monitoring is a very useful tool. With this feature, managers can listen in on an agent’s live call.

This is an extremely useful training cool because it allows a manager to give instant feedback after a call. It’s easier to provide feedback or give a critique right after the phone call so live monitoring becomes an amazing training tool.

Analyze call reports

Call center software comes with a number of reports that allow you to analyze almost anything. You can see how long your agents are on the phone, which agent takes the most phone calls and even see what time of the day your customers call the most.

You can use these reports as part of your on-going training. For instance, you can encourage employees who take less calls to take on more of the work-load. You can always train employees to close sales or help a customer in a more productive amount of time.

Call center software takes on many roles in an active call center. Are you using it to it’s fullest capability? See if these training tools would be a helpful addition to your current training process. With the right tools, your employees will be ready to take on any challenge thrown at them.