Call Center Management: 4 Must-Have Reports for Optimizing Schedule Adherence


Thanks to virtual call center software, today’s call centers have a wide range of analytical tools at their disposal. Each report and dashboard focuses on a specific aspect of your daily operations, and can help you optimize performance at the agent, queue, and call center level.

Recent research has identified schedule adherence as one of the most important metrics for measuring agent productivity. After all, your agents can’t really control the number of calls they receive per hour, or how long any single call might last. But, they can ensure that they are logged into their assigned queue (or queues) during the time that they are scheduled to work. And as a call center manager, you can ensure that you schedule enough agents at the appropriate times to ensure complete coverage.

In this quick guide, we’ll explore 4 must-have reports for optimizing schedule adherence in the call center, and how you can use them to enhance your workforce management tactics.

Calls Received by Geographical Location

Knowing where in the world your calls are coming from is important for a number of reasons. For starters, it can help you make sure you have agents available for all customers around the world, regardless of their time zone.

It also helps you decide on which call routing rules you may need implement in your call center. For instance, if you’re receiving calls late at night in your time zone, you may want to implement call forwarding rules to another office or location to make sure those calls are answered by agents who are logged in and ready to respond to customer inquiries.

Smart Queue: Calls Answered by Geo

Average Call Wait Time Per Day

Showing your customers’ average wait time on a call is extremely important. Overall, it’s essential for customer service tactics. If you see a long hold time on your reports, you can be sure that it is impacting your customers’ satisfaction levels.

This report is also essential for managing your agents. You want to make sure they’re working productively and are answering calls in a timely manner. You can ensure this by effectively monitoring your reports, and then applying those insights during agent training sessions.

Average Call Waiting Time

Agent Availability

Another essential report is agent availability. This report is extremely important when managing your call center’s workforce. This report shows you when your agents are actively working and accepting phone calls. A productive workforce is one that helps increase customer satisfaction as well as sales and business opportunities.

Call Center Agent Availability Report

Average Call Time (By Agent)

The last report that can help with schedule adherence is is average call time by agent. You can see how long each of your agents spends on the phone with your customers. This is important because you can see how long it’s taking an agent to help a customer with an issue or how long it takes to close a sale. Either way, this helps you keep track of your agents and keep you on track for your scheduling goals.

Average Call Time for Call Center Queue

The reports above are available on virtual call center software and can help you run your call center more effectively. Take advantage of these reports to successfully manage schedule adherence and make sure your agents are working productively.