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4 Tips For Successful Online Customer Service

The latest trend in customer service is a shift to an online-based forum. Are you taking full advantage of this new medium? For those new to online customer service or for those looking for way to improve their current customer service model, we’re here to help. In this article we’ll talk about 4 areas online where you can implement successful customer service tactics.

1: Company alerts

One extremely helpful online tool is Google Alerts. I use it daily to receive the latest news on a number of different topics including VoIP and call center software. But, I also use it to keep track of our company in the news. With this tool, it’s extremely easy to see when someone is talking about your company on the web.

Incorporate this tool into your customer service routine by investigating each site where your company is mentioned. Then, respond with a comment or an email if it merits one. This shows that your company has an active customer service team that is willing to reach out and investigate all concerns.

Setting up alerts for your business is simple. Visit Google Alerts and type in the name of your company. You can edit the frequency of the emails you receive, however, I recommend getting daily emails. This ensures that all your responses take place in an adequate amount of time.

2: Monitor social media outlets

A majority of businesses are already taking advantage of social media profiles. Is yours? Customers around the world flock to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to both rave and vent about their experiences with businesses. So, you need to be part of that conversation.

First, if you don’t have social media pages, get them. This allows customers to stay connected to your company 24 hours a day.

Next, keep an eye out for notifications from your followers. This includes things like wall posts on Facebook or tweets to you on Twitter. This indicates that customers are contacting you. Make sure to respond to them.

Last, constantly search on social media pages for your mentions of your company name, regardless of whether they specifically sent the message to you or not. For example, by simply searching your company name in the search bar on Twitter, you can see every time you were mentioned in a tweet. If these posts warrant a response, you should reach out to them.

While customers may not feel comfortable voicing their problems directly to you, they may feel comfortable doing it on their own profile. If they’re having issues or are raving about you- respond! Once again, it shows that your company is actively looking for ways to help customers.

3: Live chatting on your website

One feature that we love is live chatting. A number of companies across many different industries take advantage of this instantaneous communication tool. Some companies choose to have their chat boxes pop up, others allow you to prompt for a chat when you need it. Either way, it’s an excellent online customer service tool.

Live chatting is one of the most convenient ways that a customer can get in contact with you. Rather than going through the process of calling you or waiting for an email response, a customer can get their questions answered right away in a chat box. The more communication channels you open up for your customers, the better.

4: Blogging and customer faqs

Last, your company should utilize blogging and your FAQ page as a forum to answer your customers’ questions. If your customers continuously have the same questions, it’s time to create a resource for them to find the answers they need.

Once you have content created for your blog or FAQ page, constantly share it! Any time a customer has a question about something you’ve answered on your site, send them the link. It becomes a useful resource for them and if you keep the posts updated frequently, they’re more likely to visit your page next time they have a question.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that your company can become more involved in online customer service. Internet technology is here to stay so make sure your company is creating an Internet presence for your customers.