5 Essential Outbound Customer Service Strategies


Customer service - inbound or outbound - should be at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Customers are the lifeblood of every business; their satisfaction level can make or break a company of any size.

And while it is important to have a strong inbound customer service department, it is just as important to be proactive. A comprehensive outbound customer service strategy is key to identifying customer concerns before they escalate. (Plus, outbound customer service is another way to increase sales revenue from existing customers.)

Whether your goal is to increase customer satisfaction levels, boost revenue from existing customers, or both, outbound customer service is an essential piece of a strong business model. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 key outbound customer service strategies that you can immediately implement in your company’s daily processes.

 1. Think About Added Value

Your existing customers are already convinced of the inherent value of your product or service. After all, they purchased something from your business in the first place.

As you plan your outbound customer service strategy, it is important to consider what kind of value you can add to the customer's current product or solution. Are you running a special promotion that could save your customer money? Or, are you calling to alert your customer of a product update and provide support on how to use it?

Whatever the purpose of your outbound contact, be sure that your call or email offers added value to the services or products that you already provide.

2. Monitor Social Media Activity

Are your customers talking about you on social media? And what are they saying?

Whether your customers are posting positive or negative comments about your business, one thing is certain: respond as soon as possible!

If a customer posts something positive, respond publicly and thank the customer for their feedback. This public acknowledgement can also create additional buzz and discussion about your business and the services you provide. You might also choose to follow up privately and request permission to share the comment as a testimonial on your website.

If the feedback is negative, the first step is the same: respond publicly and thank the customer for their feedback. Then, follow up privately with a phone call or email to address the situation in detail.

3. Develop an Outbound Service Sales Script

An important part of any business, whether outbound or inbound focused, is the script your agents are using. You want to make sure the script effectively illustrates why the agent is calling, and how the customer can benefit from the contact.

Develop separate scripts for each potential reason for reaching out to a customer. For example, develop a script that is primarily used for upsells or promotions, a script for checking in on customers after a service visit, and a script for following up on a recent customer inquiry.

4. Be Timely

When making outbound calls, you want to ensure that you’re reaching your customer at the best time. If you call at a bad time, your relationship with that person can be greatly impacted going forward. Make sure you check their time zone before calling and call at a reasonable hour. Also feel free to ask them when a good time to talk would be so you know that they’ll be available.

5. Frequently Review Outbound Call Recordings

Want to know if your new outbound customer service strategies are working? There's a tool for that.

Call recordings are the best way to keep a finger on the pulse of any campaign, including outbound customer service. Set aside an hour or two every week to listen to a sampling of outbound customer service calls, and take careful notes on the customer's reactions.

Listening to call recordings can also help you refine your scripts. If you find that one script in particular resulted in additional sales, and another fell flat with customers, you'll have the data you need to increase  customer responses.

The 5 tips above are easy suggestions to implement in your business to help make your outbound customer service strategies successful. Keeping your customers happy is key in this type of business so consider these, and other tips, to keep your company continually thriving.

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