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Move Your Hotel Phone System to the Cloud: 5 Reasons Why

Waiting for the cloud-based craze to fade?  You might be waiting for a while.

More and more businesses – including hotels and resorts – are recognizing the benefits of moving their phone systems (and everything else that makes their business tick) to the cloud.

For the hospitality industry in particular, the cloud offers substantial benefits.  Hotels and resorts face a number of unique challenges, not least of which are high fixed costs and variable income.  These hurdles are often made worse by seasonal fluctuations in occupancy and increasing guest expectations.

Don’t despair, hotel managers. There’s hope.

Although you may face a wide range of revenue-draining challenges on a daily basis, we’ll show you how you can overcome some of your biggest pain points when you move your hotel phone system to the cloud.

Reduce Fixed Communications Costs

As a hotel manager, you’re always looking for ways to pump up your bottom line and minimize fixed costs. A cloud phone system does just this for a company.

Unlike a traditional, on-site phone system, which requires a substantial upfront investment, cloud-based phone systems are typically fit a subscription model.  You’ll pay a flat monthly rate for the phone system itself, plus a low per-minute fee for all calls routed through your system.

Eliminate the Need for On-Site Hardware

Because a cloud phone system runs over the Internet, you don’t have to worry about typical on-site hardware that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not only does a cloud system help you save money on upfront capital investment costs, you’ll also have a more reliable system because your cloud provider is responsible for all upgrades to your system.  With a traditional system, you and your staff would be solely responsible for all necessary upgrades, costing you even more money on your system.

If you’ve already purchased an on-site hotel phone system (or inherited a traditional legacy phone system), you can still connect your hotel phone system to the cloud using a SIP trunk or a VoIP gateway.  This technology allows you to route calls over the Internet, saving you a bundle in long-distance and international calling costs.

Create Opportunities for New Revenue Streams

By moving your hotel phone system to the cloud, you can not only reduce one source of your high fixed costs, but also create the opportunity for additional revenue streams.

Many hotels, especially those that host a lot of international visitors, have a ready-made source of revenue: in-room calling.  But with a traditional phone system, long-distance and international calls cost you a pretty penny – and as a result, you pass a portion of those costs along to your guests.

When you connect your hotel phone system to the cloud, those same long-distance and international calls are routed over the Internet.  And since calls made over the Internet are substantially cheaper than those that are routed through the phone company, you’ll save big – and you can pass those savings on to your guests.

Most hotels already offer high-speed Internet access for a set fee per day.  Why not do the same thing for long-distance calling?  If you create a bundled Internet and long-distance calling package for your guests, you’ll tap into a whole new opportunity for additional revenue streams.

Maintain Business Continuity

Many hotels have multiple locations and may have a hard time managing their current traditional phone systems because they’re not unified.  That isn’t an issue with a cloud phone system.  Each of your hotel locations can be connected through the same cloud phone system.  All you and your staff need is a device for making and receiving calls and a reliable Internet connection.

And since cloud phone systems operate entirely over the Internet, you’ll have a wide range of reliable disaster recovery options.  With fully redundant call routing and failover provisions, including SIP to SIP failover, you’ll never have to worry about missing a guest call again.

Essential Calling Features

Cloud calling features, like call forwarding and time-of-day routing, are becoming more and more essential for hotels.  These features help hotels run more efficiently, and in turn, help ensure high levels of guest satisfaction.

With features like time-of-day routing, find me/follow me, and interactive voice response (IVR), you can ensure that all calls to your hotel are routed to the employee agent at the right time.  You can even improve your employee training programs with powerful features like call recording and live monitoring.

Imagine Your Hotel Phone System in the Cloud

As you can see, the cloud has numerous advantages, especially for hotels and resorts.  With a cloud-based hotel phone system, you’ll not only save money and create the opportunity for new revenue streams, but also enjoy powerful call handling features that can increase efficiency and productivity.

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