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5 Tips To Turn Customers Into your Company’s Cheerleaders

Customer Service: Happy customers are a huge advantage to a company. Not only do they tend to stick around at the company, thus increasing the company’s retention rate (and possibly their profits), but happy customers also tend to advocate and cheerlead for that company. This is free publicity and often brings in tons of referrals! The benefits to being a customer-focused company are massive. So in this article, we’ll give you 5 tips to turn customers into your company’s cheerleaders.

Ask for feedback

Companies should be constantly looking for feedback about their performance, products and team. Consider sending surveys and feedback requests to new customers, customers that are leaving and your current customers. This will allow you to analyze feedback from customers in every stage of their relationship with you.

To the customers giving a glowing review, thank them! Show them that you care about them and genuinely appreciate their business.

For customers that have a complaint, take that feedback and learn from it. It gives you an opportunity to improve. Respond to them with reassurance that you’ll fix the problem or ensure them that it won’t happen again in the future.

Create a dialogue between your company and your customers

Customers love posting the good, the bad and the ugly about their customer service experiences on social media sites. These posts can make or break a company. So turn those posts into a conversation. Respond to all content that mentions your company- whether they specifically sent it to you or not.

This show your customers you’re actively listening to their requests. Dedicate time each day to monitor social media sites for mentions of your company. This will keep your responses timely and thus, more effective.

Show that you’re accountable

If your team failed to resolve an issue or if your product isn’t operating correctly, own up to it. Your company will be held accountable for both of these scenarios so if you drop the ball, explain your mistake to your customers. This will show them that you realize the problem and are willing to fix it. There’s nothing worse than passing the blame along to someone or something else. Take 100% responsibility for it and it’ll show that you’re a stand-out company.

Be there for your customers, all hours of the day

Great customer service is an essential ingredient in turning your customers into your cheerleaders. So, make sure your team is readily available for all customer questions and concerns. If this means having a 24/7 customer or technical support team, your company should consider it. The faster your team can address a customer’s concern, the better.

Treat every customer like a VIP

While sales are important, your customer’s experience should be your number one focus. Without them, you have no sales. That being said, your company should treat every customer like a VIP. Your focus should be on providing the best customer service and from there, the sales will follow.