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Can You Add a VoIP Number to an Existing PBX?

Can You Add a VoIP Number to an Existing PBX Banner


If you have an existing PBX (private branch exchange) or also known as your phone system, you likely understand its functionality and the specifications it requires to successfully manage your company’s telecommunications. It’s when you seek adding new features or capabilities to an existing PBX that key questions arise. One topic AVOXI frequently hears about is the process of adding a VoIP number to an existing PBX. There are several factors that determine the process, but with our 16+ years of experience with virtual numbers, AVOXI responds to these questions all the time. In this article, we discuss how to add a virtual number to an existing PBX system. This addresses a VoIP solution for you and your telecommunications provider and provides a guide on the approach.

Your PBX

To add a VoIP phone number to your existing PBX, you need to first understand the type of PBX you have and its compatibility with virtual phone numbers. Typically there are three types of in-house PBXs.

  • Analog PBX: Older models likely have an analog connection, this means it’s connected to the POTS (plain old telephone service) through copper wires. As technology evolves, this type is slowly becoming obsolete.
  • IP / Digital PBX: A digital PBX system, also known as an IP PBX, accepts digital signals and decodes them, relaying messages to a virtual endpoint. Generally, these are 100% web based.
  • Hybrid PBX: A hybrid system is a mix between analog and digital. As hybrids they accept both signals.

Depending on your PBX, there are different ways to connect a VoIP number to the system. If you have a digital or hybrid PBX, those offer the easiest, fastest and most affordable option. These are already configured for digital signals. That means that all that needs to be done is VoIP configuration to route calls to the IP address of your PBX.

If you have an older PBX that only receives analog signals, you require hardware to convert the digital signal to analog. This hardware, commonly known as a VoIP gateway, collocates with your PBX.  That conversion ensures that the signal between your VoIP phone number and your PBX are compatible.

Adding a VoIP Number to an Existing PBX

After you’ve determined your type of PBX and the steps required to take to make it compatible with digital signals, you need to work directly with your provider to set up your virtual phone number. These virtual numbers or VoIP phone numbers come in different varieties: international toll free numbers, DID local numbers or even UIFN (universal international free phone)  numbers. The restrictions, capabilities, and pricing for these numbers is contingent on factors ranging from provider offerings to the originating country to where the calls terminate. Working directly with your provider about adding a VoIP number to an existing PBX helps you understand your VoIP telephone number needs and how those numbers work with your current PBX infrastructure.

AVOXI’s Answer to Adding Virtual Phone Numbers to Existing PBX Systems

As mentioned, AVOXI has a lot of experience with virtual phone numbers and setting up business communications for our international clients. Our communications as a service platform, AVOXI Core, lets us quickly and seamlessly integrate with your current PBX. Designed to work over the top of your system, the AVOXI platform combines  the more robust capabilities of the cloud without replacing your existing hardware.

  • Analog solution: AVOXI recommends using an onsite gateway. We have deployed hundreds of gateways around the world over the years to enable VoIP solutions using legacy hardware. This is a proven and cost effective solution.
  • IP / Digital PBX solution: Some competitors do not allow you to terminate a VoIP number to an IP PBX—as they want to replace your existing PBX completely. At AVOXI, we allow termination and origination via IP address and SIP trunk to your existing system. This solution lets you optimize your virtual numbers, increase flexibility and limit any direct user disruption.
  • Hybrid solution: AVOXI recommends the same solution for Hybrid and IP/Digital PBX systems—to terminate and originate via an IP address or SIP trunk and leverage the gateway functionality built into this type of system.

All above AVOXI solutions allow you to incorporate VoIP technology and leverage all the benefits of cloud services for your phone numbers in partnership with your existing system. You gain the added benefit of more than 40 business-class phone features as a standard offering: call recording, call forwarding, voicemail to email, interactive voice response (IVR), user controls, only portal and more.

Every company has a different communications infrastructure; some have an in-house PBX, others run virtually. There’s analog systems. there’s digital. There’s no end to the mix-and-match combinations. AVOXI’s communication platform serves both a standalone system or an integrated system. That means you have no worries about what your current PBX infrastructure demands.

Regardless of your current or future communication strategy or required toolsets, there’s a solution available for connecting your VoIP number and gaining the benefits of cloud communication. Contact us today to get started with our VoIP numbers or to inquire about our PBX services.