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How to Get Affordable International Calling Rates with an On-Site PBX

How to Get Affordable International Calling Rates with an On-Site PBX Banner

By now, the majority of businesses understand that the most cost-effective solution to their communications needs is a hosted PBX platform from a VoIP service provider. And while most businesses with a traditional, on-premise phone system are well aware of this, many resist making the change. Despite the advantages of switching to a VoIP phone system – including lower international calling rates – many of these companies don’t want to make the move to the cloud and lose the time and money that they put into their current communications system.

But what some managers don’t realize is that there is a solution to this problem as well. By implementing SIP trunking solutions and/or a VoIP gateway, you can enjoy all the benefits of a virtual phone system, including affordable local and long-distance calling rates, without losing the investment you made in your on-premise communications platform.

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Achieving Affordable International Calling Rates with Legacy PBX Technology

VoIP gateways and SIP Trunking allow traditional telephony systems that were once incompatible with VoIP services to integrate with more modern communication platforms. A VoIP gateway takes telephone traffic from a traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) and converts it into digital code so that it can travel over a virtual network via a SIP trunk.

Almost all VoIP service providers offer SIP trunking and VoIP gateway solutions so that you may use your current phone system with their service. These cost-effective services allow your business to keep your existing PBX and take advantage of affordable VoIP international calling rates.

Comparing International VoIP Calling Rates

The advanced features virtual communications offer attracts many businesses to look in to making the switch. However, the most alluring factor for many communication managers is the money they can save on international calling rates when using VoIP.

VoIP phone service is significantly cheaper than landline or wireline phone service, especially when it comes to international rates. But, all VoIP providers are not created equal, and they charge different rates for international calls.

For example, AVOXI conducted a survey of the international calling rates offered by three of the most popular VoIP providers for 12 randomly selected countries. The analysis showed that AVOXI beat these competitors by an average of 33%*. Not only that, but the analysis showed that in some cases, there AVOXI's rates were 88% lower in select comparisons. Learn more.

Affordable International Calling Rates for Business

As you can see, you can improve your business communications platform while saving significant amount of money on international calling rates by making the move to VoIP. Contact a reputable VoIP service provider like AVOXI today and learn how you can use SIP trunking to get all the savings of cloud communications and protect the investment you made in your existing communications equipment.

*Comparison based on competitive calling rates that were current as of August 2016.