An In-depth Look into Pakistan Toll Free Numbers

Pakistan Toll Free numbers are essential for businesses with customers throughout that country. Not only does it give these customers a free and convenient way to reach your company, it can give your company a local presence there as well. Because each Toll Free numbers comes with its own set of restrictions and functionality, our customers often ask us to explain the specifics behind certain numbers. In this article we’ll highlight Pakistan Toll Free numbers and the functionality and accessibility that comes along with this type of International Toll Free number.

What does a Pakistan Toll Free number look like?

Pakistan Toll Free numbers are formatted starting with a 0800 followed by five digits.

Pakistan Toll Free Number Functionality

Functionality for a Toll Free number is extremely important. It dictates how you’ll be able to use your new Toll Free number. Pakistan Toll Free numbers can handle 120 simultaneous calls. This number through AVOXI also comes with Cloud PBX features including call recording, call forwarding and an IVR auto attendant.

Pakistan Toll Free Number Accessibility

These numbers are Toll Free for customers calling within the country Pakistan. However, this number has restrictions on how customers call this number. For instance, this number can’t be called from a mobile network or payphone.

A Pakistan Toll Free number is essential for any company doing business in Pakistan. It’s functionality and accessibility allow for your specific customers to reach you free of charge.