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Best Australian 1300 Number Providers (2019)

best australia 1300 number providers

Looking for the best 1300 number service in Australia? Whatever your situation may be, you're sure to find the best Australian 1300 number provider for your company's specific needs here. Today, we compare 1300 number plans from six of the top 1300 service providers in Australia.

Looking for 1300 Numbers in Australia?

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How We Compared the Best 1300 Number Service Providers

In a world of “information overload,” you quickly find that there is no shortage of providers in the market. We take a look at 1300 number plans from Alltel, eVoice, Optus, Telcoworks, Tollfreeforwarding.com and ourselves. We'll review:

  • What features does each 1300 service provider include with any plan
  • Which features are only available with advanced plans or add-on fees
  • What are the monthly subscription fees of each package
  • What are the differences in call charges among each provider

1300 vs 13 vs 1800

1300 numbers are virtual business lines that allow your customers in Australia to call your company at the same rate as a local call. Since there is often confusion about the differences between 1300 numbers in Australia and the other common types of business phone numbers, let's clarify the difference.

1300 Numbers: 

  • Unique to Australia
  • 10 digits total
  • Gives your customers a single point of contact
  • Your customers are only charged local rates
  • Charges split between you and the customer

13 Numbers:

  • Work the same as 1300 numbers
  • Shorter than other number types (6 digits total)
  • More expensive than 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers

1800 Numbers:

  • No geographical limitations
  • These numbers allow your customer to call your business for free
  • Not unique to a certain location

What to Expect from the Top 1300 Number Services

We made this table to help you compare the top 3 providers of Australia 1300 numbers. The plans and prices shown reflect each provider's standard or most basic 1300 number plan. For more information about each provider, or other Australia 1300 number providers, read in-depth overviews in the dropdown boxes below.

1300 Number Plan Comparison

  • Mobile Rates
  • Landline Rates
  • Setup Fees
  • Minimum Contracts
  • Free Call Recording
$7.99 /mo
  • Mobile Rates $0.089
  • Landline Rates $0.018
  • Setup Fees No
  • Minimum Contracts No
  • Free Call Recording Yes (15 Days Free)
$9.92 /mo
  • Mobile Rates $0.076 - $0.12
  • Landline Rates $0.21
  • Setup Fees $21.26
  • Minimum Contracts No
  • Free Call Recording Advanced Plan Only
$0 /mo
  • Mobile Rates $0.39
  • Landline Rates $0.21
  • Setup Fees $14
  • Minimum Contracts Yes
  • Free Call Recording No
$19.49 /mo
  • Mobile Rates $0.062 - $0.12
  • Landline Rates $0.12
  • Setup Fees No
  • Minimum Contracts Yes
  • Free Call Recording No

Taking a Closer Look at Australia's Best 1300 Number Providers

Note: All prices are reflected in USD.

$1.41 AUD = $1 USD

Try Any Australian 1300 Service Plan Risk-Free

Setting up 1300 number service in Australia is quick, easy, and risk-free. You can start taking calls today by purchasing any 1300 number service plan online and customizing your forwarding rules. There are no setup fees or minimum contracts. You can cancel anytime and even port your number to a different carrier. Every plan comes with 20+ features at no extra cost, including 15 days of free call recording, conferencing, IVR, and many more.