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Top 3 Australia 1300 Number Providers

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Are you a new or established business looking to stand out against your competitors? Are you considering getting a 1300 Number, but you are not sure what provider to select? Delivering top quality VoIP telephony services in Australia and around the world for over 17 years, AVOXI has some insight to help you determine the right Australian virtual phone number service for your business. This article compares AVOXI 1300 number services with two additional top providers.

Why Companies Buy 1300 Numbers

In Australia, most companies purchase 1300 numbers or toll free 1800 numbers as their official business lines. 1300 numbers, commonly known as ‘local call’ numbers, are virtual inbound numbers that allow prospects and customers in Australia to call a business at minimal cost to them. Unlike 1800 toll free numbers, 1300 numbers are unique to Australia and charges are split between the caller and the business. Callers dialing 1300 phone numbers from a landline are only charged local call rates, while those calling from a mobile phone are subject to charges determined by their carrier. 1300 numbers are unique to Australia, and help create a professional appearance.

Benefits of Getting a 1300 Number

Australia 1300 numbers come with a range of benefits that make them attractive for businesses. Each provider is different, but there are a few benefits of virtual 1300 numbers that are generally available regardless of which service you use. These include:

  • Establish a single point of contact for your business.
  • Forward Australian calls to multiple office locations or mobile devices, regardless of where you are.
  • Save on call costs compared to traditional telephony.
  • Keep your business number no matter how many times you change locations.
  • Get a range of VoIP business features with your inbound 1300 number (this varies greatly by provider).
  • No hardware requirements.

Comparing Options Before Purchasing a 1300 Number

In a world of “information overload,” you quickly find that there is no shortage of providers in the market.  We’ll take a look at Alltel and Optus, two popular 1300 number providers in Australia, and we’ll compare AVOXI’s 1300 number service:

  • What features does each provider’s 1300 number offer include
  • Which features are available only at an additional fees
  • What are the monthly subscription fees of each package
  • What are the differences in call charges among each provider

Alltel Pty Limited

Alltel Pty Ltd provides business number and data services for small and medium enterprises in Australia. Operating in Australia since 2003, Alltel specializes in virtual number services and data communication solutions.

Alltel: 1300 Number Pricing

Alltel offers various packages based on your company's size and requirements. Targeted to smaller businesses, the 1300 Starter Plan is $19.00 ($14.17 USD) per month while the 1300 Grow package offers unlimited local calls for $29.00 ($21.69 USD) per month.

The Micro, Starter and Grow plans require you to “choose your number” from one of four price buckets. Some numbers do not require an additional setup fee, while others range between $49 and $99 AUD ($36.51 to $73.77 USD). There is no minimum contract term, but cancellation fees apply for ending your service before 12 months. Most business features include additional subscription fees.

Australia 1300 Number Provider - Alltel

For business requiring more advanced features Alltel offers the 1300 Advance package for $29.00 ($21.69 USD) per month, but this comes with higher per minute call rates. All packages come with a set up free ranging from $19.00 ($14.17 USD) to $50.00 ($37.30 USD) for the Advance package.

What Features Come with an Australia 1300 Number from Alltel?

Standard business phone features include time of day routing, voicemail service, and call handling and barring functions. The Advance plan offers a business intro or IVR menu in addition to the basic features. This package also includes voice2email, hosted call recording, and access to their online portal to manage your virtual 1300 number. Rates for add-on features include:

Region-Based Routing

  • $29 AUD ($21.61 USD) per month
  • $49 AUD (36.51 USD) setup

Area-Based Call Routing

  • $49 AUD ($36.51 USD) per month
  • $79 AUD ($58.87 USD) setup

Exchange-Based Call Routing

  • $79 AUD ($58.87 USD) per month
  • $149 AUD ($111.03 USD) setup

Postcode Prompting

  • $99 AUD ($73.77 USD) per month
  • $199 AUD ($148.29 USD) setup

Postcode Prompting with Call Recording

  • $109 AUD ($81.23 USD) per month
  • $248 AUD ($184.81 USD) setup

Business Intro

  • $10 AUD ($7.50 USD) per month
  • $49 AUD ($36.51 USD) setup
  • Professional greeting: $40 - $200 AUD ($29.81 - $149 USD) setup

IVR (15 menu options)

  • $10 AUD ($7.50 USD) per month
  • $99 AUD ($73.77 USD) setup fee
  • 1-3 additional sub-menus: $15 AUD ($11.18 USD) per month
  • 1-3 additional sub-menus: $30 AUD ($22.36 USD) setup

Professional Greeting

  • $49 - $200 AUD ($36.51 - $149 USD)setup

Optus Pty Limited

As the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, Optus Pty Limited owns and operates its own network infrastructure. The company offers a wide variety of products for both businesses and consumers, including mobile phone service, internet, cable, leased lines, and data transmission.

Optus: 1300 Number Pricing

Optus has two plans for 1300 numbers. The Standard calling packages start from $27.50 AUD ($20.68 USD) per month. Per-minute call charges are $0.132 AUD ($0.099 USD) from fixed lines and $0.165 AUD ($0.12 USD) from mobile devices. An Advanced Package is available for $165.00 AUD ($123.77 USD) per month. The standard package comes with a 12 month fixed contract . Optus does not advertise the per-minute call charges of their Advanced Package online. Unlike Alltel, they do not charge a setup fee for Australia 1300 numbers.

Australia 1300 Number Provider - Optus

What Features Come with an Australia 1300 Number from Optus?

Standard features include call forwarding, time of day call routing, astate level geographic call routing, voicemail service, call handling, and dial-by-name directory. The Advanced Package also includes extended geographic call routing, call access, and call barring.


With almost 20 years experience in the communication industry, AVOXI continues to deliver state of the art technology, competitive rates, and leading customer support to businesses around the world. Offering virtual numbers in over 120 countries, AVOXI maintains business locations and data centers around the world.

AVOXI: 1300 Number Pricing

AVOXI offers minute packages with its Business Classic (pay as you go) starting at $7.99 (USD) per month and Business Basic 168 package for $12.49 (USD) per month. AVOXI structures Australia 1300 number packages based on your expected call volume.

Australia 1300 Number Provider - AVOXI-1

Australia 1300 Number Provider - AVOXI-2

Australia 1300 Number Provider - AVOXI-3

AVOXI does not charge a higher rate for calls made to your 1300 number from mobile devices. If you expect high call volumes exceeding the Premium plan, contact an AVOXI specialist for custom plans with even lower per-minute pricing.

What Features Come with an Australia 1300 Number from AVOXI?

AVOXI includes more than 40 VoIP phone features with all 1300 Australian numbers, including:

  • Worldwide Call Forwarding
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Call Recording (2 weeks)
  • IVR / Auto Attendant
  • Call Groups / Call Handling
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Call Barring
  • Call Screening
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Custom Caller ID
  • User Portal / Online Mobile Interface

Add-on features like hosted call recording are available in select packages or offered with a custom quote.

Which Australia 1300 Number Provider Is Right for You?

When deciding which provider you would like to purchase 1300 number service from, you should think about a few things:

  • Which service provides all the VoIP features you need?
  • Are those features included with your service or does the provider charge extra?
  • Does the provider allow you to test call quality before buying a 1300 number?
  • Which 1300 number plan offers the most competitive call rates?

In this comparison, we reviewed the different pricing packages and features offered by each provider.  Use this guide to aid you in your purchasing process. Taking the time to identify the right provider for you will set you up for success down the road.

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