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AVOXI Core Cloud PBX Product Update: October 2016

AVOXI Core Cloud PBX Product Update Banner

The AVOXI Development Team continues to work on adding more and more functionality to the all-new AVOXI Core Online Portal. Learn how the latest AVOXI Core Cloud PBX product updates make it easier than ever for you to manage your business’s communications.

On September 15, 2016, we released our all-new Online Portal for AVOXI Core, a feature-rich cloud PBX platform for global businesses. Since the initial release, our development team has been working hard to develop new features and functionality in response to the customer feedback that we received.

With the most recent AVOXI Core Cloud PBX product update, you can:

Access Customer Support from the AVOXI Core Online Portal

Our latest product update allows customers to create, view, and track open and closed customer support tickets directly from the AVOXI Core Online Portal. Customers can also browse our selection of FAQs for help with basic issues like password recovery, how to update account information, and how to make payments online.

To access the new Customer Support features, log into your Online Portal and select Support from the dropdown menu. From there, you can view FAQs and create or manage support tickets.

View the AVOXI Core Online Portal in Spanish

We are always looking for ways to better serve our diverse customer base. And in our latest product update, we have provided customers with the option to choose a preferred language for the AVOXI Core Online Portal: English or Spanish.

Log into the Online Portal and click the link labeled Español in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to view in Spanish.

Create Call Screening Rules

With call screening, you control how inbound calls are handled before you even answer them. Create call screening rules to send specific callers straight to voicemail, or transfer them to another number or extension. Learn how call screening works.

Do More with Your Virtual Extensions

The latest AVOXI Core Cloud PBX product update allows you to do even more with your virtual extensions. Set up conference calling rooms, events, and invitations from the extension level – not just for your virtual numbers. You can also enable distinctive rings for each extension, so you know who is calling just by listening to the ringtone.

Get Started with the AVOXI Core Cloud Phone System

Ready to get started with the AVOXI Core cloud phone system? If you’re a current AVOXI customer, all you need to do is log into the Online Portal.

If you’re considering the AVOXI Core cloud phone system for your business, contact an AVOXI VoIP specialist today to request a demo.