5 Best Call Recording Providers for Call Centers

best call recording providers for call centers

In this post, we’ve compiled the top 5 call recording software providers that can give your contact center the best call recording capabilities for your business needs. At AVOXI, though we're confident of our product, capabilities, and service, we know that we aren’t the perfect fit for every company. We want you to make the best decision for your call center, even if it means not choosing us. Depending on your call center’s needs, we hope you can find a great option after looking at these 5 software providers: Vonage, 8x8, Zendesk Talk, Voicestamps, and AVOXI.

Before we get started, here’s a chart of each provider with details on pricing and features:

Feature Vonage 8x8 ZenDesk Talk
Call Queue ---
Inbound Recording
Outbound Recording
Storage 30,000 min Varies by plan N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Call Barge ---
Call Whisper ---
Post Call Survey --- --- ---
Plan Pricing (per month/user) Starting at $34.99 Starting at $28 Starting at $25 $25 Starting at $4.99

*Note: Availability of each feature dependent on type of provider plan. Plan pricing listed determined by the most cost-effective plan for a team (more than 1 user).

Vonage is a home, business, and enterprise virtual phone service provider that has call recording available through their Business Cloud Advanced Plan. There are a few ways that your call center can access call recording software and other features that a contact center would need. For on-demand call recording (15 hours/mo), businesses can purchase any advance plan with prices that vary by number of users. Company-wide call recording is available as an add-on for $49.99/mo. This add-on includes 500 hours or storage, with additional blocks of 250 hours available for purchase.

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Recommended For: Larger call centers that are not on a strict budget that want a solid, recognized software with a large array of features.


8x8 is a company that offers business phone systems, contact center services, and hardware for small to enterprise businesses. It has four different plan options catering to both small businesses and enterprises looking to have call recording software and call center capabilities. Plans features vary from simple to highly advanced, making 8x8 a well-rounded option.


Recommended For: Call centers that want several advanced capabilities and have the option to purchase hardware.

Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk’s pricing is based on the feature plan chosen and related usage. Unlike most providers, all of Zendesk Talk’s plans include call recording. Customers can choose a simpler plan with less capabilities, or choose professional or enterprise plans that also include call monitoring and barging, analytics, and other advanced features that would be needed by larger teams. Numbers are sold separately (or can be ported), and total cost will include monthly usage that varies based on the type of number, whether its inbound or outbound, and the countries involved.


Recommended For: smaller teams that want an affordable and simple set of features, as well as post call survey capabilities.


For those who need call recording software as a standalone service for their call center, Voicestamps is an alternative for businesses that don’t need many features. Pricing includes a set up fee, a monthly fee, and cost based on usage.

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Recommended For: Businesses that don't need a new phone system provider and need a provider exclusively for call recording.


There are two ways to get call recording software through AVOXI. Businesses can either start with a virtual number plan and add call recording to the plan starting at $6.99/month (after getting 15 days free!), or they can purchase the AVOXI Genius, AVOXI's newest cloud contact center software. Each extension bought through AVOXI Genius includes free, unlimited inbound AND outbound recording, and calls can be forwarded from other numbers and be recorded as well-- no porting necessary. The only requirement is owning at least 1 AVOXI phone number (prices start at $4.49/month).

AVOXI Genius includes features helpful for call centers such as call queues, call barging, call whisper, and more. AVOXI Genius has two different plans that business can choose from, starting at $4.99/month. This is a limited, early access price that can be extremely cost effective for any call center.

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Recommended For: Small or large call center teams that want an affordable and simple yet capable solution.

Not Sure Which Call Recording Provider is Best for Your Call Center?

We hope this guide was helpful to you as you weigh your options for call recording software provider for your call center! We recommend to take one more look at the chart and evaluate what features your call center values and what kind of budget you're working with.

If you want something highly affordable, we invite you to try AVOXI Genius risk-free for 30 days! AVOXI's Cloud PBX system AVOXI Genius starts as low as $4.99/month and includes unlimited inbound and outbound call recording. For more advanced features for your call center, you can upgrade for $24.99/month! Click the buttons below to learn more and get a free demo.