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Are you looking for the best IVR number provider for your business? Or maybe the best international IVR number provider? Whether you need a simple touch menu or a complex cloud voice IVR system, you will find many options that will fit your needs. However, not all IVR solutions are created equal. No matter the size of your business, we want you to find the best IVR system and features to fit your needs.

In this article, we'll go over:

Whether you are an enterprise or a small business, there are a few key things that your IVR number provider should do for you and your business:

  • Enhance the customer experience - collect important customer information quickly and easily.
  • Increase efficiency - your employees will no longer waste time handling problems meant for other departments.
  • Automation - empower customers to solve their own issues with self help options for simple inquiries such as shipping information or order tracking.
  • Call priority - An IVR system allows your business to collect crucial information on what the exact issue is and the complexity of the issue, and address urgent concerns appropriately.

Feature sets will vary from provider to provider. If you're a large enterprise, you may want a quality monitoring feature or speech analytics to ensure agents are properly trained. On the flip side, if you're a small business, you may only need a few command prompts when a customer calls your business. Regardless of what you need, we will touch on providers that will suit the needs of businesses of all sizes.

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The Top IVR Number Providers

Though there are many different IVR number providers, we have chosen what we believe to be some of the best in the business. We will dive into the following providers:

  • Twilio
  • CallHippo
  • Jive
  • 8x8

Which IVR Number Provider is Right for My Business?

No matter what your needs are, we want you to find the best IVR number solution for you. So, here's our quick summary.

If you're a large enterprise and need an advanced, "smart" cloud IVR, a provider like Twilio would be a good place to start. Some alternatives that are similar to Twilio would be companies such as Noble Systems and Five9.

If you're a medium-sized business and don't need all the bells and whistles that come with a provider like Twilio, a good intermediary option would be 8x8. Some popular alternative to 8x8 include companies like Nextiva and RingCentral.

When it comes to simple, effective, and affordable IVR software solutions, of course we think we're the best IVR number provider for you. But we welcome anyone to compare us to any of our competitors like CallHippo and Jive. That also includes providers not reviewed in this post such as eVoice,, and Toky.

Competitor Plans Starting at Incoming Calls Setup Fee
Twilio N/A $0.085 - $0.022 / min N/A
CallHippo $10 $0.02 /minute $0
Jive $29.95 N/A N/A
8x8 $110 Incl. in the subscrition $0
AVOXI $4.49 $0.051 /minute $0

Twilio IVR Overview

Twilio is a highly customizable advanced cloud contact center that offers IVR capabilities as one of their many options. Twilio is tailored towards larger businesses who are looking for an intelligent IVR for precise data collection, but is still relatively easy to set up.

Twilio’s IVR system uses simple “out of the box” templates to perform basic business tasks, like forwarding calls and automatic SMS replies, but also allows you to add your own code to perform more complex tasks. Twilio offers a “studio” where you can perform all these tasks. You can drag and drop different widgets to easily build your own custom IVR.

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In the modern business environment, customers will not always reach out via phone. Twilio Flex allows agents to manage multiple tasks across multiple applications, such as phone, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. This allows the proper agents to handle similar issues on multiple channels, further enhancing the customer experience.

Though still in Beta, Twilio also offers payment functionality in their IVR via Stripe. This allows customers to input their credit card information safely and confidentially in accordance to PCI compliance laws.

Twilio is the most robust and complex IVR number provider, so their costs are somewhat high compared to the other providers on this list.

Twilio Flex - a serverless contact center platform

  • 5000 Active user hours to start for free
  • $1 per active user hour - only pay for the time users are active
  • $150 per named user per month - flat rates for each agent, supervisor, or administrator seat, regardless of volume

Twilio Studio* - create intelligent IVR flows easily, no coding required.

  • Pay-as-you-go - $.001/flow execution (first 1000 executions/month are free)
  • Enterprise - $10,000/month for unlimited for executions

*underlying communications costs apply

CallHippo IVR Overview

CallHippo is a virtual number provider that also offers a standard IVR system with all of their plans. Their IVR services work like many other, helping companies get customers to the right department, the first time.

For example, if somebody calls and would like to speak with your sales team, they may be prompted to press a particular number on their keypad to be transferred to the proper department. Using their simple interface, you can customize your IVR settings easily and quickly. You can set up different forwarding rules, and send calls to certain people first.

Some of their more advanced plans even offer multilingual IVR capabilities. If you have customers in other countries, don’t worry, CallHippo has an IVR system for you.

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CallHippo has a much simpler IVR system in place compared to Twilio, and would be better for smaller businesses or startups who don't need complex data collection or custom coded inputs. Their pricing is as follows:

Basic - Free

Bronze - $10 per user/month

Silver - $18 per user/month

Platinum - $40 per user/month

In addition to these monthly charges, you will also have to purchase your number separately, which can range from $9/month to $75/month, with additional fees for incoming and outgoing calls. All of their plans offer an array of standard features, with more complex ones being available with the Bronze, Silver and Platinum plans.

Jive IVR Overview

Jive, much like CallHippo, offers a simple to use IVR feature to help connect customers with the appropriate departments. You can customize your IVR system to send calls to any extension, voicemail, or call queue you’d like. You can also set up your system based on a predetermined schedule such as your office hours.

You can also customize the voice on your IVR system by simply uploading a .WAV file with what you want your IVR options to be. Jive offers a simple dial plan editor, so you can drag and drop different elements and ensure your customers get connected with the specific department they need.

Jive offers its IVR system with all of their VoIP phone systems, and do not require you to sign a contract to begin your service. They offered tiered pricing based on how many users you have on your plan:

  • 1-4 users: $29.95/seat per month
  • 5-9 users: $25.95/seat per month
  • 10-24 users: $23.95/seat per month
  • 25-49 users: 21.95/seat per month
  • 50+ users: $19.95/seat per month
  • 100+ users: contact for custom pricing

8x8 IVR Overview

8x8 is most similar to Twilio, and offer a wide array of products, solutions and plans to fit the needs of any business. 8x8 offers plans for small businesses and enterprises alike, and also offer multiple types of IVR systems, depending on your needs.

8x8 offers a basic IVR with easy to create menus, and self service options. These are menus are quick and easy to edit, so supervisors can make adjustments on the fly. They also offer a more powerful IVR, that can pull data from multiple sources and support speech applications.

8x8 also has implemented a graphical view of the customer journey, and IVR pinpoints the most used IVR paths. This can help companies further improve the customer experience and streamline communication between customers and agents, as well as improve the overall IVR path and design. Below is a simple example of what an IVR path may look like:

8x8 ivr number provider

8x8 offers many different levels of pricing, but only a handful of the more advanced options offer IVR as a feature. For their small business plan, they offer X Series X6 with IVR included:

  • X Series X6 - $110/month per user

Though somewhat costly, if you only need a few users, these plans offer many features for that price, including unlimited calling within 47 countries and bundled calling minutes.

If you’re interested in an IVR system for an enterprise, they also offers a plan suitable for large businesses:

  • X Series X8 - $172/month per user

This advanced plan provides you with things such as quality management tools and speech analytics, as well as 4000 calling minutes within 47 countries.

AVOXI IVR Overview

AVOXI’s IVR system allows businesses to create automated greetings and messages. When customers call your business, they can access critical information about your products or services before they ever speak to a representative.

You can program your IVR system to provide clear and simple instructions to get the information each customer needs, whether it be through self service or reaching the proper department to help solve their problem. This can lead to lower costs by streamlining inbound call routing and empowering customers to get in touch with the correct departments.

You can control and access all features via AVOXI’s online portal, and edit your setup based on your business requirements. AVOXI also includes IVR with all their virtual number plans, and plans with AVOXI start as low as $4.49/month!

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