The 5 Best Vanity Number Providers in 2020 [Comparison]

Setting up a vanity phone number for your business can be a great way to stand out. But, unlike regular business phone numbers, vanity number providers have very different methods when it comes to pricing and how they offer their product. Today we're cutting the confusion to help you find the best vanity number provider for your needs.

Of course, we at AVOXI are confident that we provide the best value service for the price and features in most cases, but no business is the perfect fit for everyone. Our goal is to help you find the number you're looking for at the best possible pricing, even if that isn't with us. If there is information we may have missed, please contact us! We are always updating our posts to reflect the changes in the virtual number landscape, and want to provide readers with the most up to date information possible.

In our comparison of the top vanity phone number providers, we cover:

Local vs Toll Free Vanity Number Providers

In our experience, many new business owners aren't aware of some of the differences between toll free and local vanity numbers. Here's the super quick summary:

  • Toll Free Vanity Numbers: Memorable looking phone numbers with a 1-800 dial-code or a similar variation of it (833, 855, etc.). Toll free numbers look professional and are free for your callers. These numbers are not just toll free for your callers in the US. They include coverage in Canada and other North American territories like the USVI.
  • Local Vanity Numbers: Recognizable phone numbers with a local dial-code from a particular city, but they can be dialed from anywhere. Unlike toll free numbers, callers pay the same rate as a local phone call when dialing these numbers.

In your case, there is one more important difference between the two types of numbers. All available toll free vanity numbers are tracked in a North American database. Unlike most providers, AVOXI uses this database to help you find the vanity number you're looking for even if we can't be the ones to provide it for you. That same option is not available for local vanity numbers. These numbers are not monitored in a single database, so finding these numbers is more about going to many different local carriers and seeing what they have available.

Search the North American Database for Available Toll Free Vanity Numbers

To check availability of your toll free vanity number ideas, submit the short form below! We'll take the options you submit and run them through the North American database of toll free numbers. If the vanity phone number you're looking for is taken, we'll search for similar alternatives as well. In most cases, you can expect your results emailed to you in two hours or less.

Comparing the Top Vanity Phone Number Providers

Let's take a closer look at our picks for the top 5 vanity number providers in 2020.


AVOXI offers toll free 18xx numbers starting at $14.49/month, which is an extremely competitive price compared to some other vanity number providers. Although AVOXI does not have a search function to instantly see what inventory is available, AVOXI will not only check our own inventory, but will also search through the entire North American database of toll free vanity numbers to ensure you get the toll free vanity number you need.

If you need help finding a vanity toll free number, you can reach out to us directly for help getting your number. Our sales team will work with you directly and exhaust all resources to make sure you get the number you need. offers both toll free and local vanity numbers, and also utilizes a search function so you can see for yourself what numbers they have in their inventory. Their search function is simple and makes it easy to find the number you need.

First, you pick exactly what kind of number you're looking for. They offer regular toll free, local and custom (vanity) numbers. Once in that tab, you can input what you want your phone number to say, and will show you all available numbers with that phrase in it. You can even filter the results by toll free numbers, local numbers, and price. includes a number with each plan, unless you are looking to get a vanity number. Typically, their toll free vanity numbers will cost anywhere from $49 - $99 per toll free number. Local vanity number prices will vary greatly, depending on the area code and how easy it is to remember the number. The more sought after the area code, the higher the number price will be. Some local vanity numbers can cost a few thousand dollars.

Once you have your vanity number picked out, you will get to pick what kind of service plan you want to accompany the number you want. offers both bundled minute plans as well as unlimited number plans. Bundled minute plans start as low as $12.99/month, and unlimited plans start as low as $29.99/month. 


RingBoost has a very robust website, and a large inventory of both local and toll free vanity numbers. There are multiple ways to find a vanity number with RingBoost. Their search function is a very helpful tool, allowing you to search by a certain keyword or phrase you want in the number, or simply browse by category. Below, we have sorted toll free vanity numbers by the category "Home Improvement". Here, you can also sort by price, with more premium numbers being more expensive than others.

After selecting your number, you will get to pick what market areas you will be using this number in. This is a different pricing structure compared to the other providers. For example, if you buy the number "1-800-PANELING" and will be operating your business out of Atlanta, you will have to select the Atlanta market area.

So in essence, you are paying for the markets you want to reach with your toll free vanity number. In the example above, it will cost you $372/month for that particular vanity toll free number in the Atlanta area market. The larger the market, the more expensive your monthly charges will be. This means your monthly charges can be quite high, but you will have a unique, easy to remember vanity phone number in the markets of your choosing. If you want your vanity toll free number to have a nationwide reach, you will have to reach out to RingBoost directly for pricing.

If you're looking for a local vanity number, their search function is slightly different, but just as helpful. Here, you can pick your area code or what state you want your number in, what saying or phrase you want.

RingBoost even gives you the option to sort what kind of local number you want. This is useful because you can clearly see all their different offerings all at once.

There is a one time charge when purchasing a local vanity phone number, which can make them quite costly. Depending on what area code you want, numbers can cost you thousands of dollars. That being said, in terms of hard to get local numbers, nobody really seems to compete with RingBoost.


Grasshopper is a great option for small business are solo entrepreneurs. Their pricing structure is pretty simple, as they only offer toll free vanity numbers. Each plan includes at least 1 free number, with some of the larger plans offering more numbers. Once you buy one of these larger plans, you will be able to pick out your additional numbers.

Their search function is pretty simple. Just go to their vanity number page, and you can enter what numbers or letters you want in your toll free vanity number, and they will provide you with what numbers they have in their inventory.

Their plans are very affordable compared to some of the other providers in this post, costing $29, $49 and $89 per month. Each plan also includes 1, 3 and 5 numbers in the plan, respectively. All plans also include unlimited minutes, making them very appealing for small businesses who will be receiving a lot of calls., much like its name suggests, only offers toll free vanity phone numbers. They have an easy to use search tool, where you simply enter what phrase you want, and they come back with what numbers they have in their inventory that match your requirements. Much like Grasshopper, the numbers are free and included with your service plan.

Once you have your number selected, you will be prompted to pick what plan you want. They offer 3 plans, priced at $23, $49 and $89 per month, and include 1, 3 and 5 numbers respectively. All plans also offer multiple extensions for each number, with unlimited extensions being included in the $89/month plan.

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