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CallFire Pricing and Competitors

callfire pricing competitors review

When searching for a virtual phone number service for your business, it is important to compare providers and review pricing before making a decision that will have a huge impact on your business. Because we firmly believe that nobody delivers the same quality, coverage, and overall value as AVOXI, we don’t mind suggesting our top competitors for comparison!

Whether you’re comparing AVOXI, Callfire, or any number of providers, we hope to provide you with the information needed to make the most educated decision for your company.

This article will cover:

Callfire is a virtual phone number provider that focuses on providing mobile marketing strategies in the US and Canada. Through its virtual number platform, Callfire offers voice broadcasting, text messaging, call tracking, and interactive voice response. Callfire customers consist of small business owners, nonprofits, insurance agents, and marketers. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in California, with offices in Texas and the Ukraine.

CallFire Products and Features

Callfire offers four products: Voice Broadcast, Text Messaging, Call Tracking, and Interactive Voice Response. Each product is accompanied by its own unique set of features. Below are detailed descriptions of each product and their respective features.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Send dynamic messages with Text-to-speech
  • Create multi-question surveys easily via XML
  • Advanced scheduling options
  • Pass information from the IVR to your website
  • Easy to set up "Do not call" list
  • Use your own number for Caller ID
  • Inbound and Outbound IVR support
  • Set up automatic retries if necessary
  • Create your own virtual voice mail box

Voice Broadcast

  • Extensive reporting
  • Text-to-speech options
  • Customizable messages for answering machines
  • Press-1 to transfer
  • Easy to set up
  • "Do not call" list
  • Use your own number for Caller ID
  • Bring your exported contact list
  • Automatic retries for any call result
  • Schedule to run at the best time for your clients

Call Tracking

  • Share call detail reports externally
  • Extensive phone number tracking and reports
  • Set office hours to record messages
  • Play a whisper message to agents on transfer
  • Receive both call & texts to local numbers
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Record any inbound calls
  • Email notifications on successful calls
  • Pricing as low as 2¢ per minute

Text Messaging

  • Customizable messages for all recipients
  • Extensive reporting
  • Schedule to run at the best time for your clients
  • Rent keywords to build opt-in lists
  • Easy to set up
  • "Do not text" list
  • Textable local numbers for rental
  • Bring your contact list from your CRM
  • Simple to manage auto-replies
  • Text the U.S. and Canada
callfire features review

In addition to the features that accompany each product, the following features are included with each Callfire virtual phone service plan:

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Text-to-Speech Support
  • Ability to Record Inbound Calls for Free
  • Simple "Do Not Call" list setup
  • 6am - 5pm PT Customer Support
  • Extensive Real-Time Reporting

CallFire Pricing

Callfire offers five different plans, including a pay as you go plan that starts as low as 5¢ per min/text. The other plans are billed monthly or annually, and are priced based on number of minutes or texts, which Callfire values the same. While there are no setup fees, all plans are subject to overage fees. In other words, once the maximum number of included minutes/texts has been reached, customers have the option to upgrade to a higher volume plan, or to purchase more credits at 5¢ per minute/text. Keep in mind that Callfire offers virtual number services only in the US and Canada, therefore international calls/texts are subject to additional charges.


CallFire Competitors

Callfire offers a unique set of products specifically to business in the US and Canada. Whether you think there might be a better fit for your business, or you simply want to reinforce your decision, check out some of Callfire’s competitors, and what they have to offer:


Grasshopper is a virtual phone service provider that offers toll free, vanity, and local numbers to small business and entrepreneurs in the US and Canada. Since 2003, Grasshopper has been offering virtual number plans that vary based on number of extensions, or users. Each Grasshopper plan includes unlimited minutes, a set of business features, as well as the option to upgrade or add on any additional features. Like Callfire, Grasshopper offers business texting within the US and Canada.



CallRail is a virtual phone number provider that specializes in providing call tracking, call recording, and call analytics for companies in the US and Canada. Customers can choose from three different plans based on their business’s needs. Plans are priced based on number of local numbers, as well as number of minutes and texts. All plans include different sets of features, and are subject to additional usage charges. CallRail offers a range of both free and upgradable features in a number of categories. Unlike Callfire, CallRail does support international virtual numbers in a few different countries.

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AVOXI provides virtual number services for businesses in over 130 countries and 2,500 cities worldwide, and has a vast inventory of toll free and local numbers. Customers can choose from six unique virtual phone number plans, starting as low as $4.49/mo. New business numbers are activated instantly, and can be managed and customized at any time from the easy to use online portal. AVOXI offers more than 20 advanced business features included with each virtual number plan.

callfire competitor avoxi pricing

Choosing Your Provider

Now that you’ve taken the time to review the pricing and products offered by Callfire, here are some important things to consider when continuing the search for the right virtual phone service for your business:

  • Overall monthly costs (monthly fees, setup fees, add-on fees, etc.)
  • Included and additional features
  • International calling options & rates
  • Technical support and restrictions

As you weigh your options, we hope you found this review useful! If we didn’t provide all the information you were looking for, please leave us feedback so we can update future provider reviews.

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