Comparing Cloud Call Center Software: AVOXI vs 8×8

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For today’s businesses, the benefits of using a cloud-based contact center solution are undeniable. Rapid deployment, high scalability, lower costs and global reach entice companies of all sizes to move their contact center to the cloud. But, there are numerous competitors offering a variety of cloud-based solutions, and not every solution is ideal for every customer.

To help you make the right choice for your business, compare AVOXI’s contact center software to another industry leader, 8x8. Keep reading to learn how AVOXI and 8x8 contact center solutions stack up when it comes to features and functionality, pricing, and customer support.

How to Differentiate Cloud Call Center Providers

There are certain features you should expect from any standard virtual call center solution. These include live monitoring capabilities, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, call recording, skills-based routing, historical and real-time reporting, CRM integration, and softphones. Some companies provide versions of these functions better than others, but nearly every cloud call center software includes some version of these basic capabilities.

Contact center providers differentiate themselves in a few fundamental ways:

  • Provide comprehensive and easy to use features
  • Offer additional features another competitor may not have
  • Provide superior customer support
  • Make products available at more competitive prices

With these criteria in mind, how do Smart Queue and 8x8 cloud call center software compare?

Features and Functionality

First, how do AVOXI and 8x8’s solutions compare in functionality and ease-of-use?

When a customer logs in to AVOXI’s Smart Queue, the Home Screen presents every queue and reporting option available to the user. From there, every inbound contact center function is accessible from the live monitoring screen or within a report.

Smart Queue Cloud Call Center Software Dashboard


A common criticism of 8x8 is the layout of their virtual call center dashboard. Despite offering a comparable blend of inbound call center functions as AVOXI, their user interface is not intuitively organized.

8x8 Call Center Dashboard

AVOXI’s Smart Queue offers customers a similar set of features as 8x8 and presents them over an easy-to-navigate interface (with an even more user friendly interface being offered to current customers in November). And though 8x8 and AVOXI don’t differ much when it comes to their list of inbound call center features, AVOXI offers qualified customers a feature-rich auto dialer and blended contact center solution.

Coverage and Accessibility

Many of today’s businesses serve domestic and international customers. These companies need to provide their clients with a way to reach them – especially when it comes to technical support and other common contact center functions. Both 8x8 and AVOXI offer global reach and accessibility for contact centers that need to connect with customers in international locations.

Supported by multiple data center locations around the world, 8x8’s cloud contact center solution ensures good call quality for calls made and received globally. They also provide contact centers with the option to purchase additional local and toll free numbers to connect with businesses worldwide.

Also supported by a global infrastructure, AVOXI’s Smart Queue ensures optimal call quality no matter the location of your contact center. Customers can also purchase toll free and local phone numbers from over 120 countries, so customers can call your contact center for free, or for no more than the cost of a local call. AVOXI’s competitive international calling rates also make it easy to connect with customers anywhere in the world without exceeding budget constraints.

Customer Support

One of the most important factors in choosing a virtual contact center provider is the quality of their customer support. If you are having difficulty with your contact center, you need quick and reliable support (especially if you do not have an in-house technical support team.)

One criticism of 8x8 is their limited live support hours. Though they advertise themselves for business clients of all sizes, 8x8’s product, and thus their live support, is geared towards enterprise level customers.

AVOXI is proud to offer live support for customers of any size, as well as 24/7 emergency tech support for our diverse range of customers across the globe.


Finally, the cost of service is an obvious factor in deciding which cloud call center solution to use for your company. Ideally, your goal is to use a hosted service that meets or exceeds your business needs while also maximizing the value of your budget.

When it comes to giving customers the most for their money, AVOXI is an ideal choice. 8x8 offers lower prices than competitors like RingCentral (though they do not advertise them) ranging from $115-$185 per seat every month. The wide disparity in their price range comes from additional charges for many basic call center features, and they do not make it clear whether or not there are additional installation fees when you sign on.

In contrast, AVOXI provides a clear list of features included with every tier of our virtual call center solution. Customers can use Smart Queue’s Start & Grow package for as little as $20 monthly per seat, and our complete Without Limits package for as low as $50 monthly per seat.


So what’s the bottom line? Companies like 8x8 are household names, and many customers are not even aware that they have other options. 8x8 advertises itself as a solution for businesses of every size, but their marketing and product focus indicates that they are really built to address the needs of enterprise-level businesses.

Every business has different needs, and it is important to make sure your needs are being met at the right price. AVOXI’s Smart Queue offers a similar feature list as 8x8, including some outbound features that 8x8 does not support, at a fraction of the price. When you combine that with a reliable support team, AVOXI’s Smart Queue is a competitive choice for enterprise-level firms, and a cost-effective and reliable choice for small to mid-level sized businesses.

Pricing and features current as of July 19, 2016.