Comparing Hosted Call Center Applications: Aircall vs

Aircall vs Banner and Aircall have each developed a large base of satisfied customers by following an effective business model focused on offering simplified call center applications and services at affordable rates. This article explores the pros and cons of each provider, so small to medium-sized businesses looking for a simple call center solution can make the right choice.

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Aircall vs Where They Both Excel

Advanced VoIP call center platforms can reduce inefficiency, drive revenue, and improve customer interactions. But, many small to medium-sized businesses just want to know they are getting the ability to communicate with customers for a competitive price. and Aircall capitalize on this market by offering straightforward service packages at a lower price than many providers that design their platforms for mid-sized or enterprise level customers. Either company can get you set up on a free trial in minutes and they make it very easy to simply continue service with them once your trial has expired.

Call Center Application Pricing

Let’s talk about the subscription costs and call rates associated with and Aircall. They both offer three tiers of service for potential customers to choose from.’s and Aircall’s mid-tier packages are advertised at a monthly cost of $19.99 and $40, respectively (we’ll discuss the differences between these offerings later).

Both companies include a toll free or local number for your business when you sign up for service, and both can offer additional numbers for only $5-$6 per month. Additionally, both providers offer international call rates that are slightly more competitive than most providers in the market.

Call Center Application Integrations

Another reason why these two companies stand above many other simple solution providers is their selection of call center software integrations across platforms. Aircall and are well known for their mobile apps that make it easy for clients to use their service no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Additionally, both companies have an impressive variety of CRM integrations, including Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, Sugar, and many more. These features are not exactly included with your service, as requires you to subscribe to their partner for CRM integrations, while Aircall does not offer these integrations unless you subscribe to their $70 per month “Enterprise” solution. Though the integrations do incur a notable cost increase, this still ends up being a more frugal option than many other business contact center packages with CRM integrations.

Where Aircall Excels

The primary advantage of Aircall is their reliability. Their modern platform and intuitive interface make things easy for their customers. A good search for customer complaints reveals few, if any, negative reviews of their service. requires customers to subscribe to Tenfold at an additional cost to receive CRM integration while Aircall includes Salesforce integration with their “Enterprise” solution and all other integrations with their mid-tier offering. Additionally, if you want to try Aircall’s service with a more complex business, their “Enterprise” solution does include a dedicated account manager, a VIP phone line with support, and one-on-one training for new users.

Where Excels delivers similar features and functionality as Aircall for its users at an even lower price, barring CRM and Helpdesk integrations. A huge selling point for many small business customers is that fact that’s “Starter” package, advertised at only $9.99 per month, includes call queuing, call recording, basic analytics, 100 minutes of talk time at no charge, and no limit to users. also allows you to pay per feature for things like additional call recording and advanced analytics. Users get the same features no matter what service they subscribe to, but higher tier packages include much more talk time per month. Including talk time with their packages is another benefit offers its customers that Aircall does not*, and they even offer unlimited extensions and high volume plans for users who would like to prepay their talk time every month and receive discounted rates.

*Aircall offers "unlimited inbound calling," but this is subject to their fair use policy. Visit the Aircall website to learn more. To learn more about fair use policies, check out this related article.

Choosing the Right Call Center Application

Both Aircall and offer simple, but effective, solutions for small businesses at attractive practices. Aircall has a more intuitive platform and seems update their product more frequently and rapidly than On top of that, Aircall’s most advanced package includes many things, like dedicated support agents and in-house integrations with CRM and Helpdesk software, that simply does not offer.

However, customers do get more functionality and talk time included with their service than Aircall customers do (unless they purchase an advanced subscription). Both companies are very similar with their other offerings and charge comparable rates for international service. However, does offer prepaid packages of talk time that can end up being much more cost effective than paying per-minute with Aircall.

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Pricing cited in this article is current as of December 15, 2016.