Hosted call center software is offered by numerous providers. Each provider offers its own set of functionality, features and other capabilities along with their software. Because of these differences, the cost, and what’s included in that cost, can vary greatly depending on the provider you choose. In this article we’ll be comparing hosted call center pricing of three providers so you’ll have a better understand of the costs you can expect when you decide on new software and what you’ll actually be paying for.


ZenDesk Hosted Call Center Pricing

ZenDesk offers call center software at 4 different tiers, Essential, Team: Professional and Enterprise. As you move up each tier, the cost per agent per month increases. But, so do the capabilities and features you receive.

Plans start at $5 a month per agent for the Essential plan and goes up to $99 a month per agent for the Enterprise plan.

The Essential plan gives you basic access to email/social media channels and the basic knowledge base. The Enterprise plan offers all that, plus auditing and administrative features, in-depth analytics and much more.


Vocalcom Hosted Call Center Pricing

Vocalcom also offers tiered pricing for their hosted call center software. They offer Click2Start, Business Plus, Enterprise and Premium plans. Like other providers, these tiers vary based on their capabilities, number of agents and the features available.

Click2Start, their basic plan, starts at $65 a month per user, plus the minutes that your call center uses. Their top tier plan is Premium and costs $185 a month per user.

Click2Start is a good option for small call centers since it allows for up to 25 agents and offers basic features. But, Vocalcom's Premium plan offers top of the line features like workforce management and a dedicated account manager for your call center.


Nextiva Virtual Call Center Pricing

Nextiva prices their software a little differently than the other providers in this article. They offer two basic options for their hosted call center software: Call Center Pro and Call Center Enterprise.

Call Center Pro is $50 a month while Call Center Enterprise is $100 a month. For both tiers, Nextiva advertises no set up fees.

The two tiers share a lot of the same features. But, Call Center Enterprise has a few advanced features that are offered at that higher price point. Features like Whisper Messages and Queued Call Management are available on that plan.


Smart Queue Hosted Call Center Pricing

AVOXI's virtual call center software solution, Smart Queue, is offered at three different price points. Every pricing edition, including the introductory "Get Started" plan, offers a rich variety of essential call center features, including time of day routing, call recording, IVR, and real time and historical reporting capabilities. Each plan also includes a free softphone for every agent, making it easier for agents to work remotely.

The “Take Flight” plan, which is designed for medium-sized businesses, and the “Without Limits” plan, which caters to the needs of call centers and enterprises, offer even more powerful, pre-installed features, including live call monitoring, call whisper/call barge-in, a custom report builder, and more.

Choosing a Hosted Call Center Software Provider

As you can see, the cost of hosted call center software varies quite a bit provider to provider. There are numerous factors that go into the final cost of hosted call center software. Use this article as a guide to help you better understand what you’re paying for and how that price is determined.

*Hosted call center pricing current as of 14 February 2016. 

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