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Comparing Toll Free Providers: TollFreeForwarding.com vs AVOXI

The benefits of using toll free phone numbers for companies with an international presence are well known. First, toll free numbers are affordable for businesses of any size. They are also portable, meaning you can usually switch toll free providers at little to no extra cost.

But most importantly, you can buy a toll free number for almost anywhere in the world and have calls forwarded to your business, giving your company a local presence whether you’re across town or across the world for your customers.

In today’s market, there are many toll free providers from which to choose. In this post, we compare two leading cloud communications and toll free service providers: TollFreeForwarding.com and AVOXI. This comparison article will give you a better idea of what you can expect for your business from these companies, and help you understand which of two makes the most sense for you.

Cloud PBX & Numbers Availability: TollFreeForwarding.com vs. AVOXI

TollFreeForwarding.com is one company that provides international toll free numbers and local phone numbers with cloud PBX functionality, such as call forwarding, virtual attendant and other basic features to businesses that wish to increase their global reach.

AVOXI is a one-stop shop provider of cloud communications services, including international toll free phone numbers and local phone numbers with cloud PBX functionality. AVOXI also offers cloud-based call center software for businesses of all sizes.

Both companies can provide an essential benefit to any business looking to gain or maintain an international presence at an affordable rate.

So what are some of the key factors you should be concerned about when choosing a toll free provider?

Worldwide Number Availability

Some providers offer phone numbers in a larger variety of countries than others. You want a provider that not only has numbers available in the country you wish to gain presence in, but also will be able to provide numbers in places you may be interested in expanding to in the future.

Available Features

Also, different companies may offer very different phone system features with your service. While most toll free providers offer numbers with features like call forwarding, call recording, and virtual attendant, not all of them provide a full feature set. It is important to evaluate and document your business’s phone system needs before you choose a toll free provider.

Setup, Subscription, and Usage Fees

The cost of setting up a number may be small in comparison to the sum cost of the minutes you use each month. Make sure the price you’re paying per minute makes sense for the amount of time you expect your agents to be on the month each month.

Customer Service

And of course, you should hold any company that handles such an important element of your business to have consistent and enthusiastic customer service. So make sure your provider can offer the presence you need, the functionality you want, and the support you deserve at a price that makes sense.

Features, Pricing, & Customer Service: TollFreeForwarding.com vs AVOXI

In this segment, we will discuss how TollFreeForwarding.com and AVOXI stack up in terms of features, pricing, and customer service.

Feature Comparison

TollFreeForwarding.com includes the standard features you should expect from a VoIP provider: time of day routing, IVR, auto attendant, fax to email, simultaneous ringing, unlimited extensions, and failover routing. AVOXI’s basic virtual number package includes all of those features and more. Additional features offered by AVOXI include hunt groups (also known as ring groups), call conferencing, call transfer, music on hold, and call tracking. In addition to those features, AVOXI Core includes a free softphone license while also allowing you to use call whisper and barge (the ability to listen in and assist with live calls), hunt groups and conference rooms, call transfer, music on hold, and call conferencing.

Pricing Comparison

TollFreeForwarding.com offers a toll free service at clear and simple pricing. Like some toll free providers, TollFreeForwarding.com virtual number packages are sold along with bundles of minutes. Depending on the country of origin, the pricing for each bundle varies. If the standard number of minutes in TollFreeForwarding.com’s packages doesn’t meet your business requirements, the company may also offer custom quotes upon request.

Unlike TollFreeForwarding.com, AVOXI typically bills a flat monthly fee per number, plus usage. However, the most comparable package to TollFreeForwarding.com’s pricing structure is AVOXI Unlimited Small Business Plan. This plan is sold by the extension and includes a toll free number plus unlimited minutes (based on fair usage policies).

If you want two agents with three hours of talk time a day in to be able to receive calls from the United States, you would need two Unlimited Small Business Plan extensions from AVOXI, or about 7,200 minutes from Tollfreeforwarding.com.

Customer Support and Service Comparison

Both AVOXI and Tollfreeforwarding.com have a reputation for high quality customer service. Tollfreeforwarding.com is based out of California and offers 24 hour support Monday – Thursday, with limited hours ending at 9:30 PM Fridays and 2:30 PM PST on the weekends. AVOXI also offers US-based support, but has four offices in three countries and offers 24/7 phone support for all customers. That said, both companies provide customers with self-service tools and offer FAQs and tutorial videos.

When it comes to call quality and down time, AVOXI and TollFreeForwarding.com experience very few complaints in comparison to many competitors.

Selecting the Right Provider for Your Business

So, which toll free provider is right for you?

Both AVOXI and Tollfreeforwarding.com have strong reputations when it comes to reliability and reach. They also offer phone support at convenient hours and cater to businesses of all sizes. Both companies are very transparent with their pricing and offer a variety of packages so you can find the deal that fits your budget best.

And with both AVOXI and TollFreeForwarding.com offering toll free phone numbers in well over 100 countries, customers can truly experience business without borders. However, toll free forwarding offers its bundle pricing for any country. AVOXI offers bundled minute packages for US and Canada, Australia, and the UK only. Other international calls are metered by default, which some customers may prefer.

To determine which type of provider is best for you, you must first evaluate your business’ needs. If you are still unsure about which plan would work best for your business, both AVOXI and TollFreeForwarding.com may be offering special promotions at different times so call both for a quote and see who can give you the best deal.