Comparing Virtual Call Center Software: Five9 vs AVOXI

The marketplace for virtual call center software solutions has become increasingly competitive in recent years. Despite a sea of competitors looking for their place in the industry, both AVOXI and Five9 have established themselves as leaders in the field.

Five9 and AVOXI cloud communications solutions include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, computer telephony integration, live monitoring, historical reporting, and a variety of other features that you should expect from any standard virtual call center provider.

This comparative article will educate you further about how these two companies stay ahead in a competitive market and help you decide which provider may be the right fit for your business.

Comparing Virtual Call Center Software Platforms

Though both companies offer a blended contact center solution, Five9 has carved a niche for itself by focusing its efforts on their outbound solution. In contrast, AVOXI has built a reputable platform focusing on inbound solutions.

Outbound solutions primarily involve an automatic dialer, a campaign manager and comprehensive reporting of outbound calls.

Five9’s blended solution is a premium product and many customers have said it is the most complete blended solution for companies with a high volume of outbound calls when it comes to ease-of-use and features offered.

AVOXI’s specialty involves offering a comprehensive inbound solution at a fraction of the price of most competitors. Though the company does offer an add-on auto dialer for a lower price than companies like Five9, its blended call center solution runs on the same interface and does not require users to run separate reports for inbound vs. outbound campaigns.

If you are running a call center with a high ratio of outbound to inbound calls and you don’t mind paying a higher price for an integrated solution, then Five9’s product may be a good fit. If a reliable inbound solution with an optional automatic dialer add-on satisfies your business needs, then AVOXI can offer you a customized solution at a significantly lower cost.

Comparing Hosted Call Center Software Pricing

AVOXI makes its call center platform and international calling services available at a lower cost than most cloud contact center solutions. However, there are fewer competitors in the market that advertise themselves as an outbound solution specialist. Because of this, Five9’s solution is more expensive than many hosted call center products.

While Five9 does not advertise their prices, their sales representatives are responsive and helpful in getting a quote to you quickly. Quotes for their blended solution are typically around $165 per seat, though they may offer special promotions and bulk discounts that we are unaware of. In contrast, Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center solution, starts as low as a monthly $20 per seat, not including the add-on cost of an automatic dialer.

Comparing Call Center Provider Support

Many VoIP providers do not offer 24/7 phone support. The ones that do advertise anytime support often limit that level of service only to customers of a certain size. Five9 and AVOXI prioritize customer support and both companies make themselves available by phone and chat 24/7 to all customers.

Not only do both companies offer 24/7 support to customers of any size and price tier, but both have also maintained overall positive reviews regarding their customer service according to online reviews.

One of the few qualities separating the two is that Five9 only offers English support. AVOXI maintains offices in four countries and offers English and Spanish support. That said, both companies go above and beyond when it comes to offering consistent customer support.

Which Call Center Provider Is Right for Your Business?

In a competitive market with many providers, it is important for customers to understand what they should expect before investing in a hosted contact center solution. Neither Five9 nor AVOXI charges hefty cancellation fees, which is a testament to the confidence both companies have in their product and support team.

Both companies offer 24/7 phone support for customers of all sizes, and both have overall positive customer reviews. If you prioritize a more seamless integration between outbound and inbound features and reporting, and you can absorb the cost, Five9 is the solution that is more specialized for your needs.

If you prioritize an inbound solution and do not mind an add-on auto dialer in lieu of an integrated one, then AVOXI can provide your business with a robust contact center solution at a fraction of today’s market pricing.

Looking for more information on virtual call center software solutions? Talk to an AVOXI VoIP specialist today to learn more.

*Pricing current as of July 2016