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Comparison of the Top 3 Hotel Property Management Systems

Managing a property can be an overwhelming task.  In addition to handling all of the internal aspects of the business, you also have to manage countless guests checking in and out, group reservations, room requests and more.  In order to keep all of the moving parts of a property running smoothly, many hotels and similar establishments rely on top property management systems.

Because property management systems have become such an integral piece of the hotel management puzzle, there is a lot of competition in the industry.  To help first time buyers or those looking for an upgrade find the best option, we’ll be comparing three of the top three property management systems: WebRezPro, Frontdesk Anywhere and innRoad.


WebRezPro is a cloud property management system with direct interfaces for a variety of important technologies, including your point of sale (POS) system, your PBX phone system and your accounting software.  This full-service system allows you to effectively manage the front and back office needs of your property.

The features available on the system allow to to manage room reservations, packages and discounts, group bookings, accounting records, inventory reports and more.  The system’s functionality also increases when you integrate your CRM, POS, PBX or other system.

WebRezPro is available starting at $5 a month per room.  (The minimum package is $60 per month.)  The price per room increases and decreases depending on the number of rooms your property has.  Because of its cloud-based nature, there are also minimal upfront costs.

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Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere allows you to control your hotel management, booking engine, online distribution and revenue management for your property all from the cloud.  This property management system is a popular option for independent hotels, management groups, motels, inns and resorts.

The features allow you to effectively manage every aspect of your property, including reservations, guest communication, connections with booking sites, financial data and much more.

The price for Frontdesk Anywhere is based on a tiered system.  Their basic package starts at $4 a month per room and includes reservation management, basic operations and financial reports, credit card integration and housekeeping management.  Additional features are available as you upgrade to the higher, more expensive tiers.

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InnRoad is a single platform cloud-based property management system that is a great option for independent hotels.  This all-in-one system allows you to manage every aspect of your property in one system that’s accessible from any connected device.

This property management system’s features include reporting, data security, credit card processing, operations and the ability to manage multiple property locations.

The pricing structure for innRoad starts at $150 a month, plus a fee for the number of transactions that pass through the payment gateway.  But unlike other tiered plans, every subscription includes the same features and accessibility.  This means that you’ll have access to every bit of capability offered and take advantage of their customer support and training.

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As you can see, every solution has its own functionality, features and options.  So when you’re shopping for one of the top property management systems, it’s important to truly understand your individual needs before you purchase one.  Decide which factors are the most important for your property, and let those key points guide your research.