Connections 2016: AVOXI CMT Talks Essential Marketing Apps


Connections 2016, a three-day digital marketing event hosted by, is well underway. And we’re pleased to announce that our very own Salvador Stabler, Chief Marketing Technologist at AVOXI, talked about his favorite marketing tools and applications during the session titled AppExchange for Everyone: Apps that Make a Huge Difference.

We’ll give you an inside look at Stabler’s top picks, and talk about how these apps can make a difference for your marketing efforts.


Acquisition marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. After all, it’s one thing to generate new leads for your sales team; it’s quite another to be able to directly attribute revenue to your marketing efforts.

Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution application that does just that. By providing essential insights on where leads are coming from and how much they’re worth, Bizible gives marketers the tools they need to make data-driven decisions that promote growth and drive revenue.

What Bizible Did for AVOXI

“Before we started working with Bizible, we had major lead attribution problems,” said Stabler, AVOXI’s Chief Marketing Technologist. “We were spending money on Google AdWords, and everything looked good; we had high click-through rates and conversion rates. But, it was difficult to actually link the conversions we saw in AdWords to records in”

Obviously, this was a problem. Marketing was spending too much time trying to sync AdWords data with data in order to determine ROI and make data-driven business decisions. Plus, the team spent a great deal of time and effort creating website and blog content, and they couldn’t see which pieces were driving quality leads.

After integrating Bizible with, everything changed. The team was able to improve lead to account conversion rates for all prospects generated from Google AdWords year over year. And, the insights provided by Bizible’s data allowed the team to reduce the average cost per AdWords lead by almost 50%.

“The addition of Bizible attribution data has been such a game changer for us,” said Stabler. “It’s allowed us to move past acquisition marketing and really start focusing on the pipeline that we’re creating for our sales team.”


For marketers, data is king. Clean data, that is.

And Clearbit provides modern marketers with the tools they need to gather accurate person and company data. With this information, marketing departments no longer have to rely solely on form fill or manual data entries. Clearbit lets marketers run highly targeted campaigns, score leads, and easily fill the sales funnel with more qualified leads than ever.

What Clearbit Did for AVOXI

“Before Clearbit, we were really in the dark in terms of how to target our ideal customers internationally,” said Stabler. “We were fighting with years of poor data management and non-standardized fields, and we couldn’t do much more than guess at our top verticals.”

There was a lot of anecdotal evidence that particular verticals worked for AVOXI. But, when the marketing team ran targeted campaigns for those industries, they saw limited results.

With the addition of Clearbit, the team was able to product an accurate industry revenue forecast and develop industry-specific go to market strategies. The information provided also allowed the team to begin targeting high-value enterprise accounts.

“Clearbit has lightened the load of manual data entry for our sales team, and it has greatly improved our ability to target our ideal customers,” said Stabler. “It has provided us with so many key insights that have really changed the way we approach each industry.”

Rollup Helper

Developed by Passage Technology, Rollup Helper provides marketers with real-time data that drives actionable marketing decisions. There’s no coding required, so you don’t have to be a developer to rollup and analyze all of your business’s most important data.

What Rollup Helper Did for AVOXI

“Before we started using Rollup Helper, we didn’t have any way to integrate the lifetime revenue data from our billing system with in real time, ” Stabler said. “And as a result, we didn’t really have a clear picture of our top accounts, let alone which of our marketing efforts were producing them.”

With Rollup Helper, the team was able to quickly and easily integrate the data from their billing system into This meant that they could attribute revenue data across all accounts. And thanks to Bizible, they were able to see which lead sources were bringing in the most valuable accounts.

“Rollup Helper’s ability to combine the insights provided by Bizible with the revenue data in our billing system made it possible for us to implement strategic account-based marketing techniques,” said Stabler. “And the fact that anyone on the team can use it makes it an invaluable asset for our department.”

Be a Better Marketer with AppExchange

These are just a few of the essential marketing apps available in the Salesforce AppExchange collection. We encourage you to explore the entire suite online.