How Does Fax to Email Work?

Although it may seem like a dated process, faxing is still a big part of modern businesses. Faxing gives companies an easy way to send and receive important documents but with more and more companies taking advantage of Internet based technology, the process of faxing has taken on a new identity. Fax to Email is a new feature offered by VoIP providers that takes the process of faxing to the Cloud. In this article we’ll answer one of the most common questions we get from our customers, “How Does Fax to Email Work?"

Traditional faxing method

Traditional faxes are sent and received over a phone line. When the fax is received, it is decoded, uncompressed and turned back into the scan of the original document that is then printed on your own fax machine.

Traditional faxing requires the use of a physical phone line on both ends of the faxing process.

How does fax to email work?

Fax to Email, in basic terms, takes your incoming faxes, turns them into readable computer files and emails them to you. This feature eliminates the need for an actual fax machine and the need of a physical phone line.

Instead, we provision your virtual number to receive faxes instead of receiving standard phone calls. By utilizing our VoIP technology, we send your incoming faxes to your email rather than to a fax machine.

This feature is incredibly useful because it allows you to receive your faxes no matter where you are. No longer do you have to wait by the fax machine for your document. Instead, the file is digitally delivered to your inbox allowing you to take your faxes to the road.

You can also register multiple email accounts to the Fax to Email feature. This allows your incoming faxes to be delivered to multiple contacts allowing for seamless interoffice communication.