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How Does Time of Day Routing Work?

VoIP continues to revolutionize the way that our customers communicate around the world. As this technology grows, so does its capabilities and in turn, the features that make VoIP so flexible. Time of Day Routing is one feature in particular that exemplifies the power of VoIP. To ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their service, we’ve written this article to explore the specifics behind the popular Time of Day Routing feature and answer a question our customers frequently ask, “how does Time of Day Routing work”?

Time of Day Routing

Time of Day Routing is one of the most widely requested VoIP features that we offer. A large percentage of our customers work in International markets. Because of this, they’re often doing business with customers around the world in different time zones. Time of Day Routing makes it easy for business to manage different schedules because it routes your calls depending on predetermined criteria that you choose.

How does Time of Day Routing work?

Simply, the Time of Day Routing feature routes your incoming calls automatically depending on a list of parameters you’ve set. These parameters are based on what time is it.

For example, say you have two customer support locations; one in the United States and one in the Philippines. You have customers calling you at all hours of the day but your primary office in the United States is only open from 6am to 8pm. With Time of Day Routing, you can program your incoming calls to be delivered to your United States office during those specific hours and outside those hours, have them delivered to your office in the Philippines.

This feature is extremely beneficial for businesses with customers around the globe. Every incoming call is delivered to your open and available office location so no matter what time it is, you’ll never miss an important customer phone call again.

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