How Many Extensions Can I Have?

People buy toll free numbers for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re a large enterprise giving your customers a convenient way to contact you or you’re a family trying to stay in contact with loved ones across the globe, you want to understand the capability behind your new phone number. In this case, we’re going to discuss extensions. We’ll answer a question we frequently get from customers, “how many extensions can I have?”, as well as explore the specific capabilities that are enabled when you’re utilizing multiple extensions.

How many extensions can I have?

At AVOXI, each of our customers gets one free extension with each of their toll free numbers. However, it’s easy to add additional extensions to your account for a low monthly price. This allows you to easily scale up and grow your business or give several people the ability to answer incoming calls.

Utilizing your extensions

When you’ve set up your extensions, you’ll be happy to know that each of them can be programmed to make your Toll Free number more efficient.

For starters, each of your extensions can be programmed to have its own name and voicemail. This allows you to set up multiple lines for your incoming calls.

You can also program your extensions to ring sequentially.  This is helpful when you have multiple people answering incoming calls.  You’ll never miss a call because incoming calls will make their way down the predetermined list of extensions allowing each person a chance to answer the call.

Each of your extensions can also be set up to be answered through your IVR/Auto Attendant allowing for a completely flexible phone system.

If you’re interested in utilizing extensions with your Toll Free number, rely on the fact that you can add as many extensions as you need for your business or enterprise.  These extensions will help make your communication much more efficient.