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How Much Do Belgium Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How much do Belgium toll free numbers cost? For customers in the market for a new toll free number, cost is often their first priority.  We totally understand.  You want a number that not only has the functionality you’re looking for but you want it to be cost-effective too.  Because the cost of toll free numbers can vary greatly depending on the country they’re for, it’s important to do your research to truly understand how much your new toll free number will cost.  In this article we’ll answer, “How much do Belgium toll free numbers cost?” and explain the factors that influence their price.

How Much Do Belgium Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Most toll free numbers, Belgium toll free numbers included, are offered for a monthly charge. However, the features, price and accessibility vary depending on the provider and plan that you choose.

Toll Free Bundle Packages

Some Belgium toll free numbers are offered at a flat monthly rate that includes the cost of the phone number as well as a specific amount of calling minutes that are used along with your number.

These plans are convenient because as long as you don’t exceed your usage, you’ll have a predictable monthly bill.  However, you’ll experience high per minute costs for any talk time that exceeds your set amount of minutes.

The cost for this type of plan with a Belgium toll free number starts around $25 for low minute packages.  The price obviously increases for packages with a larger amount of minutes. With this type of plan, sometimes it’s best to invest in a larger package in order to avoid expensive per-minute charges.

Per Minute Charges

Other providers offer Belgium toll free numbers for a small monthly rate combined with a flat per minute charge for each minute you use.

The monthly charge for a Belgium toll free number on this plan is around $20 a month. Keep in mind, you’ll also have to factor in the per minute charges you’ll experience.

The per minute cost is based on the originating and terminating charges associated with each of the calls taking place with your Belgium toll free number.

  • The originating charge is based on where and how the call is made, while
  • the terminating charge is based on where and how the call is answered.

For instance, a call originating from a mobile phone can cost more than a call coming from a landline and thus increase your per minute charge.

Per minute costs vary depending on your provider however, most calls are typically only a few cents per minute.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

You can also purchase a Belgium toll free number that’s bundled along with a Cloud PBX.  A Cloud PBX gives your toll free number the capabilities you’d experience with a business phone system.  You’ll have access to features like call recording, call forwarding and time-of-day-routing.

With this plan, a Belgium toll free number is offered along with the Cloud PBX service for a flat monthly rate that averages around $20.  You’ll then be responsible for typical per minute charges.

Companies tend to flock to this type of plan because the features are must-haves in the modern business world. They’re a cost-effective alternative to on-site phone systems and offer a world of flexibility for your business.

If you’re interested in a Belgium toll free number, do your research and truly understand your needs, calling habits and budget. By doing this, you’ll be able to choose the best plan that suits your individual needs.