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How Much Do Belize Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How much do Belize toll free numbers cost?  Whether you’re a large business or a fresh start-up, cost is always an important factor in any decision.  The cost of your toll free service is no different.  The price of your service is dependent on a number of factors and because of that, it’s important to do research to fully understand the costs you’ll incur.  To help with your pre-buying research, we’re discussing cost for Belize Toll Free numbers and the factors that influence the cost and accessibility of these phone numbers.

How Much Do Belize Toll Free Numbers Cost?

The most popular option that providers offer for a Belize toll free number is a monthly priced plan.  The cost for these plans vary based on the provider you choose, the type of plan they offer and the accessibility that comes along with your new toll free number.

Toll Free Bundle Packages

One popular way that Belize toll free numbers are offered is as part of a bundled minute plan.  So, for a flat monthly rate, you’re provided a toll free number along with a specific amount of calling minutes that you can use with your new number.

These plans are popular for businesses who know their monthly minute usage because then you’ll have a predictable monthly bill as long as you don’t exceed your pre-purchased minutes.

The cost for a Belize toll free number with this plan starts around $60 for the smallest minute package.  The price obviously increases as the number of minutes you’re provided increases.  Keep in mind, you’ll be charged a high per minute rate for each minute that exceeds your bundled amount.

Per Minute Charges

Other providers offer their Belize toll free numbers for a flat monthly rate for the number itself and then charge per minute for the calling minutes you use.

The cost for the Belize toll free number averages around $20 a month.  You’ll then have to factor in your per minute usage.

This can be calculated by determining the originating and terminating fees associated with each of your calls.

The originating fee is influenced by the where and how the call is made while the terminating fee is based on where and how you answer the incoming call.

While the cost associated with the per minute fee vary depending on your provider, calls are typically no more than a few cents per minute.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

Belize toll free numbers are also popularly offered alongside a provider’s Cloud PBX service.  A Cloud PBX gives your Belize toll free number a wide range of business phone system capabilities including features like call recording and call forwarding.

A Belize toll free number offered with a cloud PBX averages around $22 a month.  Like the previous plan we explored, you’ll also be responsible for per minute costs for each of your calls.

This plan is extremely popular among businesses of all sizes because you can get the capabilities of a large business phone system without the expensive price tag.  The features offered on a cloud PBX can revolutionize the way your company interacts in the modern business world.

Belize toll free numbers are a must-have for companies doing business in that country.  If you’re interested in purchasing one of these numbers, do your research and fully understand your needs so you can choose a plan and provider that’s best for you.