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How Much Do Canada Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How Much do Canada toll free numbers cost?  When businesses are shopping for new toll free numbers, cost is often at the forefront of their mind. This is totally understandable. The cost of an item dramatically impacts your buying decisions. Luckily, toll free numbers are an extremely cost-effective tool for any business. In this article we’ll explore the cost of a specific toll free number to help improve your buying experience. We’ll answer, “How much do Canada toll free numbers cost?” and discuss the factors that influence their price.

How Much Do Canada Toll Free Numbers Cost?

A majority of toll free numbers, Canada toll free numbers included, are offered at a monthly rate. The price for these, however, varies depending on the provider, plan, accessibility and features you decide on for your new number.

Toll Free Bundle Packages

Canada toll free numbers are popularly offered as part of a bundled minute package. This package is still typically billed monthly and along with your number, you’ll also receive a specific amount of calling minutes you can use.

If you know your typical monthly minute usage, this plan may be a great choice for you because you’ll have a predictable monthly bill. But if you exceed your bundled plan, you’ll be charged a higher per minute fee.

Smaller minute packages for Canada toll free numbers start around $20 while larger packages going as high as a few hundred dollars.

Per Minute Charges

Other providers offer Canada toll free numbers for a flat monthly fee and then charge you per minute for its usage.

Numbers with this type of plan average around $15 a month. Remember, you’ll then be responsible for a per minute charge for each of your talking minutes.

This charge is only typically a few cents per minute however, it varies for each call because the charge is based on the originating and terminating fee for each your calls.

  • The originating fee is influenced by the where and how the call is made while the terminating fee is based on where and how you answer the incoming call.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

Canada toll free numbers are also offered paired with a provider’s Cloud PBX service. This service is extremely popular for businesses of all sized because it gives your phone number the calling features that were typically only available with an expensive on site business phone system.

The average cost for these numbers averages around $20 a month. This includes the toll free number itself as well as the Cloud PBX service which includes features like call recording, call forwarding and time of day routing.  But keep in mind, you’ll also be responsible for per minute charges for all of your calls.

Canada toll free numbers are a must have for any company doing businesses in that country. Consider your needs and budget during your shopping experience in order to find the best plan for your specific needs.