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How Much Do Dominican Republic Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How much do Dominican Republic toll free numbers cost?  Toll Free numbers are all unique.  The price of a toll free number will vary depending on the country they’re for, their functionality and the provider you get them from.  Because of this, it’s sometimes hard to know how much a new toll free number will actually cost your business.   To help clear up confusion and make your shopping experience easier, we’ve decided to explore the price and specifics behind one toll free number.   We’ll find out, how much Dominican Republic toll free numbers cost  and unravel the options available on the market for this phone number.

How Much Do Dominican Republic Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Dominican Republic toll free numbers are typically offered at a monthly rate.  But as we mentioned above, their prices are impacted by a number of factors including your provider, the features and functionality you need as well as the type of calling plan you decide on.

What you pay for your Dominican Republic toll free number depends on whether your buy it as part of a

  • toll free bundle (toll free calling plan), or instead use
  • pay as you go (per minute rate)

Toll Free Bundle Packages

One popular option for Dominican Republic toll free numbers is to offer it along with a bundled set of calling minutes.  With this plan, you will be charged a monthly fee for toll free number,  along with a set amount of calling minutes.

For small bundled packages, prices start around $50 for Dominican Republic toll free numbers.  Larger packages can go as high as a few hundred dollars.

This type of plan is popular for businesses who know their monthly minute usage because you’ll then have a predictable monthly bill.  But keep in mind, if you go over your bundled package of minutes, you’ll be charged a slightly higher per-minute fee for those additional minutes.

Pay As You Go – Per Minute Charge

Dominican toll free numbers are also offered with a “pay-per-minute” charge, along with a flat rate for the number itself.   The monthly charge for this type of plan starts around $20 dollars a month, sometimes less.  Each phone call taking place on your toll free number might have a different per-minute-cost,  based on the specific originating and terminating charges associated with it.

The originating fee is dependent on where and how the incoming call to your toll free number is made while the terminating fee is based on how and where you answer that incoming call.

The per minute cost typically only runs a few cents per minute.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

Another popular option for Dominican toll free numbers is to purchase it paired with a Cloud PBX.  A Cloud PBX gives your toll free number the functionality of a business phone system without all the onsite hardware.  Features like call recording, call forwarding, sequential ringing, simultaneous ringing, and time-of-day-routing are must-have features for businesses, thus this option is extremely popular for companies of all sizes.

A Dominican Republic toll free number with a Cloud PBX averages around $25 a month. With this plan, keep in mind,  you’ll also be responsible for per minute charges for each of your calls but like we discussed earlier, this is typically only a few cents per minute.

As you can see, there are a variety of options on the market if you’re interested in a Dominican Republic toll free number.   By studying your calling habits, you will truly understand your needs so that you can choose the plan and provider that is right for you.