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How Much Do Indonesia Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Toll free numbers are extremely popular for businesses because it allows their customers to call them without being charged. Instead, the called party, the one who is subscribed to the toll free number, is charged on the customer’s behalf.

We’re often asked about the cost of Toll Free Numbers. You can purchase a toll free number in almost any country in the world but the prices vary quite a bit depending on a number of factors. In this article we’ll talk about Indonesia Toll Free Numbers and the costs associated with this number.

Indonesia Toll Free Numbers

Indonesia is one of the most widely requested Toll Free Numbers on the market. Their numbers start with either 803 or 007.

007 803 CCC XXXX

Obtaining an Indonesia Toll Free Number is easy. You’ll find that most providers offer Indonesia Toll Free numbers and even keep quite a few in stock. Depending on the usage you expect out of your number, there are several different plans on the market for international toll free services.


Most Toll Free Numbers are charged on a monthly basis. That being said, the monthly cost differs depending on the type of plan you choose.

Some Toll Free Numbers are offered already bundled with a specific amount of minutes. These plans are often tiered and are more expensive as the number of minutes increases. Plans on the lower end of minutes start around $50 a month but for high minute users, the cost can go as high as a few thousand dollars.

Other Toll Free plans charge a flat rate for the number itself and instead, there is a per minute charge for usage. For this type of plan, the number alone costs around $14 a month. You’ll then be charged an originating and terminating fee for each minute on the call.

An originating fee comes from the location where the call is made and the terminating fee depends on how the call is delivered. So in this instance, the originating fee comes from Indonesia since this is an Indonesia Toll Free Number. The terminating fee changes depending on where you want the call to ring: your mobile, landline or VoIP phone. Keep in mind, a lot of providers don’t charge termination fees to forward a call to VoIP. In that scenario, you’d only be responsible for the originating fee.

Following along the same lines of the last plan, some providers sell their Toll Free Number bundled with their Cloud PBX. A Cloud PBX gives your number a wide-range of capabilities including call recording and time of day routing. You’ll still be charged the above-mentioned originating and terminating fees but for a number costing around $22 a month, you’ll also have access to a variety of calling features.

If you’re interested in an Indonesia Toll Free Number, there are plenty of options and plans on the market today. Study your calling habits and find out which calling features you need in order to choose the best plan for you.