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How Much Do Jamaica Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How much do Jamaica toll free numbers cost?  International toll free numbers have become an essential tool for every business.  Their extreme flexibility and cost effectiveness make them almost required in order for a business to expand its global footprint.  Because of this popularity, numerous providers have popped up and have begun offering many different toll free numbers.  This often leaves customers confused because with so many options, there are many different price points.  To help clear up any confusion, we’ll discuss the price of one specific number.  We’ll answer “how much do Jamaica toll free numbers cost?”  And we’ll explore the factors that influence the cost for Jamaica toll free numbers.

How Much Do Jamaica Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Jamaica toll free numbers, like most other International toll free numbers, are typically offered for a monthly service fee, and in some calling plans, a small per-minute charge.  This cost is dependent on a variety of factors including the provider you choose, the plan you need and the features and functionality you require.  Below, we’ll explore three popular options on the market for Jamaica toll free numbers so your company can choose the plan that’s right for you.

Toll Free Calling Plan with Bundled Minutes

Jamaica toll free numbers are popularly offered for a monthly rate but along with this cost, you’ll also be provided with a bundled set of calling minutes.  The calling minutes are included to be used with your new toll free number.  For around $40, you can purchase a small bundled package with your Jamaica toll free number.  For larger packages, you’ll find that the monthly price exceeds a few hundred dollars.

Keep in mind, if you go over your monthly minute amount, you’ll be charged a higher per minute fee for each minute you use in excess of the minutes included in your monthly calling plan.  Normally, minutes do not roll over.  That is, if you don’t use all your minutes you’ll lose them.

So despite the lack of rollover minutes, this type of plan (monthly fee with bundled minutes) is very popular with businesses because it offers a steady monthly expense for business that have predictable monthly usage.

Pay as You Go Toll Free Calling Plan with a Per-Minute Charge

Other providers offer Jamaica toll free numbers for a flat monthly fee and then charge you separately for each calling minute that you use.  You pay the same per minute charge no matter how many minutes you use.  With this type of plan, you can get a Jamaica toll free number for around $20 a month.  Keep in mind though, you’ll then be responsible for the per minute fee of each of your calls.

This fee is typically no more than a few cents per minute but varies greatly depending on your provider but also the terminating and originating fee associated with each of your phone calls.

The originating fee is dependent on where and how the incoming call to your toll free number is made while the terminating fee is based on how and where you answer that incoming call.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

The last popular way that Jamaica toll free numbers are offered is paired along with a cloud PBX.  A cloud PBX offers useful functionality that is tied to your toll free number.  The cloud PBX that allows it to act like a business phone system.  You’ll not only have a wide variety of functionality and accessibility, you’ll have access to a number of calling features as well like call forwarding and call recording.

This type of plan starts around $20 a month.  But keep in mind, this monthly cost only applies to the price of the Jamaica toll free number paired with the Cloud PBX.  Like the plan above, you’ll still be responsible for the per minute charges associated with each of your calls.

As you can see, customers today have a variety of options available when they wish to purchase a toll free number.  Jamaica toll free numbers are essential for any company doing business in that country, but it’s essential for you to do your homework in order to choose the calling plan that’s right for you.  You need to fully understand the usage you expect out of your number, the features you desire and the functionality you require in order to make sure that the plan you choose can fulfill these needs.