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How Much Do South Korea Toll Free Numbers Cost?

International toll free numbers are one of the most useful tools for businesses looking to expand their global footprint.  Because of this, these numbers are offered with a variety of plans and even more providers.  This can sometimes cause confusion for customers because they aren’t sure how much they’ll be paying for a specific toll free number.

To help make the process easier we’ll discuss, “how much do South Korea toll free numbers cost?” and explore the factors that influence their price.

How Much Do South Korea Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Most international toll free numbers, including South Korea toll free numbers, are offered for a monthly cost.  But there are still a variety of different plans available for these numbers.  Below, we’ll explore three of the most popular plans available for these phone numbers.

Toll Free Bundle Package

South Korea toll free numbers are popularly offered for a monthly cost but paired along with a set number of calling minutes. With this plan, for the price you pay, you’ll be able to use the amount of calling minutes you’ve selected.  If you exceed the number of minutes allotted to you, you’ll pay a higher per-minute rate.

For smaller bundled packages, plans start around $30. Larger packages of minutes can go as high as several hundred dollars.

Per Minute Charge

Other providers offer their South Korea toll free numbers on their own for a monthly cost and then charge you separately for each calling minute that you use.  While this cost is typically no more than a few cents per minute, the price is impacted by a number of factors including your provider and the originating and terminating fees associated with your calls.

The monthly fee for this type of number averages around $20 a month. But keep in mind, you’ll then be charged a per-minute charge for each call that takes place on this number.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

Arguably the most popular plan for South Korea toll free numbers is to obtain one for a monthly cost that comes with a cloud PBX.  A cloud PBX gives your phone number all of the functionality of an on-site business phone system by giving you access to features like call recording and call forwarding.

The cost for this type of plan averages around $20 a month. But like the plan above, you’ll then be responsible for the per minute charges for each of the calls that take place on this line.

Because of their popularity, South Korea toll free numbers are offered in a variety of ways.  In order to choose the plan that’s right for your business, you need to truly understand your needs as a company.  Only then can you select a plan and provider that will be the most efficient and cost effective option.