How Much Does an 0845 Number Cost?


When you’re shopping for anything, phone numbers included, price is always at the forefront of your mind. The process of choosing a phone number provider can be a confusing for many businesses because of the variety of plans available today. The price of these numbers and their functionality varies from provider to provider, so it’s important to fully understand your options.

To make this decision easier, we’ll use this article to explore one specific phone number. We’ll answer how much does an 0845 number cost and dive into the specifics of each option available.

What is a 0845 number?

A 0845 number is a UK inbound phone number. These numbers are recognized as being specific to the United Kingdom so they’re a very popular option for businesses looking to establish a presence there. These phone numbers work like a virtual toll free number in the sense that these calls can be forwarded to your phone of choice. You can forward calls to your office, home or even to your mobile phone, so you'll never miss a call.

How much does an 0845 phone number cost?

Like with most other phone numbers available, a 0845 number is typically offered at a monthly fee. But, the price varies based on your provider and the plan you choose. For the most part, these phone numbers come with either setup fees, recurring fees, per-minute charges, or some combination of the three.

The most popular pricing option for an 0845 phone number is to purchase it for a monthly fee, and pay for the talking minutes used on that line. Most providers also charge a setup fee to cover the costs of procuring and setting up the number. For instance, City Numbers offers their number for roughly $5 a month with a $5 set up fee on top of the cost of the minutes you use.

Some providers offer this number without an additional setup fee but instead, may charge you an annual service fee for the use of the phone number and possibly, may allow you to receive calls for free. For example, Galaxy Numbers does this with fee of roughly $150 a year. With Galaxy Numbers, you're also responsible for the calling minutes you use on this line.

Just 0845 Numbers is another popular provider for these types of phone numbers. They offer theirs at different tiered levels based on the popularity of the specific 0845 number. From a free tier all the way up to a platinum level, these numbers cost anywhere from $0 for setup up to $750 for setup. With this provider, you're also responsible for the per minute charges you experience on this phone line.

As you can see, there are a variety of providers on the market for an 0845 phone number. If your business is interested in attaining one, make sure you do your research to find the one that's best for you. Each has their own price tag, with different monthly or yearly charges, so fully understand your budget in order to choose the right one. These numbers are of great convenience for your customers so it's something all companies with business in the United Kingdom should consider.