How Much Does Fax to Email Cost?

The ability to send and receive faxes is essential is any business environment. With technology expanding like never before, we’re often asked about new faxing features.

For instance, faxing can now take place over the internet rather than over a designated telephone line. Because of this, a feature called Fax to Email is becoming prevalent on the market today. In this article we’re going to talk about the Fax to Email feature and how much it costs to use.

What is Fax to Email?

A basic Fax to Email service takes your incoming faxes, turns them into readable computer files and emails them to you. With this feature, you don’t need an actual fax machine to receive faxes. You can’t directly connect a fax machine to the internet because they’re made to connect to a phone line. Instead, a gateway is needed to either A- take the incoming fax and format it to go to your email or B- take your outgoing fax and format it for a fax machine. That's where software comes in.

How Much Does Fax to Email Cost?

There are a number of services out there that offer internet-based faxing. There are some free options on the market but if you’re a heavy fax user, you may want to look into a paid subscription.

Subscriptions for a web-based fax machine start at “per-fax” prices. $1.99 per fax is a standard price for this type of subscription. Other subscriptions offer monthly plans starting at $10 a month. Keep in mind, there are quantity restrictions on these types of plans. For example, a  $10 plan may only allow you to send and receive 100 faxes. The monthly price will increase depending on the amount of faxes you need.

Cloud PBX

You can also get Fax to Email from your VoIP provider. Most providers offer this fax feature as part of their Cloud PBX. A Cloud PBX is a phone system that runs over the internet. With this phone system comes a number of calling features including call recording and call forwarding. Fax to Email is often bundled together in this phone system.

A Cloud PBX is priced a couple different ways. First, you could choose to add a Cloud PBX onto your current VoIP service. With this option, you’ll likely be billed monthly starting at $25 a month.

Other providers bundle their Cloud PBX service with their phone numbers. So, any number you buy will have access to the calling features. The price per number, with the Cloud PBX included, is around $22.

Most Cloud PBX plans don't limit the number of faxes you can receive. But keep in mind, this is just for the Fax to Email feature. If you also plan on sending faxes with your Cloud PBX, there may be additional fees and equipment required.

Regular phone-line fax machines are quickly being replaced by more reliable and efficient alternatives. Regardless of how often you use a fax, there are internet-based faxing options on the market for your business and personal needs.