How to Add Credibility to Your Website

With more and more business taking place on the internet, it’s important for your brand to know how to add credibility to your website.  Without a credible and professional website, your customers may not consider your company to be legitimate enough for their business.   For companies large and small, it’s critical that you take steps to improve your website otherwise it could begin to impact your sales.  In this article we’ll discuss how to add credibility to your website and offer up suggestions that you can take to start improving your website today.

Why having a credible website is so important

When a potential customer comes to your site, they automatically start making assumptions and opinions about your brand.  A visit to your website is sometimes the first time that a customers interacts with company, so it’s critical that the website takes into account the following criteria.

How to add credibility to your website

  • Consider your web design: The look of your site says a lot about your company. An attractive and uncluttered design helps convey your company’s professionalism.
  • Provide contact information: Your company’s information such as your address, phone number and email address should be clearly displayed on your website.
  • Proofread all content on your website: Misspelled words and incorrect punctuation can make your company seem unprofessional. So it’s important to make sure all content is correct.
  • Cautiously choose photos to highlight: Avoid cheesy stock photography if you can. Instead, try to use real photos of your office and employees. This helps put a face to your company’s name.
  • Correctly market your products: Make sure you’re providing all relevant product information and if you can, include prices as well. This helps customers get the full story behind your products.
  • Include testimonials and case studies: Not only does it help highlight clients you currently work with, it shows that your products are helpful and effective.
  • Have a blog: Constantly updating a company blog shows that your business is staying current.
  • Utilize social media: If you use social media, highlight them on your website. This displays your other channels of communication.
  • Create authority through guest posting: If you write for another blog, make sure you highlight these articles on your site. It makes you appear as an authority on a specific subject and thus, more credible.
  • Highlight your staff: Post bios and pictures of your staff to further legitimize your company. This helps create a personality for your company.

As you can see, website credibility is a something so simple but it can truly impact your company in terms of brand awareness and sales.  The suggestions offered in this article are essential stepping stones to creating a more legitimate website for your business.

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