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How to Coach Your Sales Team Using Call Center Software

How To Coach Your Sales Team

Whether you’re running an inbound or an outbound call center, call center agent coaching is an essential part of managing your team. This is especially true when it comes the question of how to coach your sales team. In order to meet individual and corporate goals, your sales team needs consistent and thoughtful feedback based on real-life examples.

In this post, we’ll discuss just a few of the ways that virtual contact center software can help both contact center managers and sales team leaders provide agents with valuable, consistent feedback. Plus, we’ll explain how you can use this essential sales team management tool to boost agent performance and increase overall revenue.

Identify high and low performing agents with call disposition reports.

Before you begin individual coaching sessions with your sales agents, you need to take a look at the big picture. Using historical call reporting and disposition codes, you can identify your highest and lowest performing agents overall. From there, you can take a deeper dive into which agents are best at closing particular types of prospects. You may have some agents who are very good at closing deals with small to medium sized businesses, but not as skilled at pitching to enterprise-level prospects.

The high-level view of sales agent performance provided by historical call reporting and call disposition analysis can help you develop a comprehensive training program for all of your agents.

Gain anecdotal evidence by listening to call recordings.

Now that you have a clearer picture of where your agents excel and struggle, it’s time to dig deeper. Set aside a block of time to listen to individual call recordings of the most and least successful sales calls that you identified during your call disposition report analysis. These call recordings will provide you with a qualitative understanding of the kinds of objections that your sales team must overcome on a daily basis. You can also use these call recordings as clear, concrete examples during group and individual coaching sessions.

Coach sales agents during live calls with call whisper.

Call recordings are a great way to coach your sales team and provide specific examples of pitches that work well with your target audience. But, some virtual contact center solutions offer a feature called call whisper, which allows sales managers to coach agents during live calls. In many cases, this immediate feedback is more effective than simply reviewing past call recordings.

Evaluate and record sales agent performance with quality assurance tools.

We’ve all heard the old adage: what gets measured gets improved. This principle definitely applies to your sales team’s performance.

With quality assurance tools, you can rate agent calls (both live and recorded) for key factors. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that one of your sales team’s top initiatives is to increase the number of referral deals. Your marketing team runs campaigns for the program, but you want to make sure that the sales team is mentioning the referral program on every call. In order to ensure that agents are actually pitching this program, you add the following question to your quality assurance evaluation form for your team: Did the agent discuss the referral program with the customer? Over time, you can begin to see which agents are not pitching the program, and why.

Monitor and measure agent growth with agent performance tracking.

If your contact center software comes with quality assurance tools, it probably has an agent performance tracking mechanism as well. Use the agent performance tracker to view agent performance over time, and identify where each agent has room for improvement. You can use these agent-level reports to help guide individual growth plans for each agent and make sure that they are on the right track.

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