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How to Hire the Best Call Center Agents

The success of your call center is dependent on the employees you hire to work there. Motivated call center agents will work harder to assist your customers and thus, will positively impact your business. But how do you know who to hire? There are a number of traits and qualifications you should look for when interviewing potential candidates. In this article we’ll discuss those so you can understand how to hire the best call center agents.

Past work experience

The work experience of your candidate can say a lot about their capabilities as well as their strengths and weaknesses. If they have past experience working in a call center, that means they’re used to the work and processes in that type of business and thus, will probably be a great fit for your company.

If they haven’t worked at a call center, their work experience is still important. That, combined with their traits and skills, will show you if they’re able to handle the workload of the agent position.

Technical knowledge

Your call center runs with the help of technology that might not be common for some potential candidates. Things such as headsets, call queues and the software you’re using may be difficult for some people to use and understand.

Because of that, you’ll want to make sure your candidates are some-what tech savvy. Even if they haven’t used your specific technology in the past, if they are tech savvy, they should be able to quickly pick up the skills needed to work in your call center.

Communication Skills

Call center agents spend a majority of their time communicating with customers. Because of this, they should be comfortable and excel at both written and verbal communication.

One way that you’ll be able to evaluate a candidates communication skills is during the interview process. During this process you’ll be able to see how well they interact with you and how they’d potentially handle conversations with customers.

Problem solving skills

Whether they’re assisting with customer support or they’re making a sale, call center agents need to have great problem solving skills.

In a support position, the agent should be able to identify and solve any problems that a customer may be having. In sales, they’re solving a customer’s problem by offering the product or service they’re selling. Regardless of their exact role in the position, problem solving skills are essential in a call center.