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How to Improve Quality Assurance in a Call Center

The success of a call center is greatly dependent on the quality assurance steps that are implemented. We’re often asked for ways that our customers can begin implementing successful quality assurance methods so we’ve compiled this list of 5 tips that can get them on the right track. In this article, we’ll explore these tips and overall explain how to improve quality assurance in a call center.

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Frequently Run Quality Assurance Reports

It’s essential that quality assurance reports are run and analyzed on a frequent basis. These reports can show you customer facing statistics such as average hold time and the number of times they’re transferred but it also allows you to see important scores on your agents as well. Because of that, it’s extremely important to study these reports on a regular basis. This will allow you to see trends and make updates and changes as needed for improvement in your call center.

Utilize Call Center Software Tools

Call center software is made to assist and streamline your communication efforts. A big part of that is the quality assurance tools that are included. These tools include things such as reporting, call monitoring and call recording. Every call center can utilize these tools in their own way that helps improve their service levels.

Request Feedback from Customers and Employees

Reports aren’t the only place that you’ll get an important insight into your call center. First hand feedback should be constantly requested and analyzed as well. This feedback should come from both your customers and employees so you’re getting a full look into the workings of your business. This feedback can help you identify information that might not necessary be monitored on reports or with call center tools.

Update Report Parameters and Quality Assurance Forms

A call center should be constantly evolving and updating as changes are needed. As you discover strengths and weaknesses in your call center, you should update your reports and quality assurance protocol. Measuring the same information over and over might not help your call center grow. That being said, you should be constantly looking for new criteria to track in order to successfully manage your call center.

Dedicate an Employee to Quality Assurance

Managing quality assurance in a call center is a full time job. Because of that, a lot of call centers choose to hire an employee dedicated to this cause. This employee would be responsible for running and analyzing reports, collecting feedback from customers and employees as well as updating and implementing changes and new protocols in the call center.