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How to Know What Agents Are Saying to Your Customers

When you’re running a call center, one of your main concerns is its efficiency and productivity.  One of the ways that call center managers can monitor these factors is by working closely with their agents to ensure that they’re interacting with customers in the most effective way.  To help call center managers achieve this, we’ll discuss how to know what agents are saying to your customers so you can take advantage of every feature on your system that allows you to do this.

Listen to Past Calls With Call Recording

Most VoIP call center software comes with the Call Recording feature.  This is an essential tool for call center managers who want to know what agents are saying to their customers.  If this feature is enabled, every call that takes place on your system is recorded.  Typically, you can access these calls for a set amount of time.

Most VoIP call center systems also offer a download option, so you can listen to these recordings when you have time rather than being rushed to do it.  Listening to these call recordings will give you some insight into the daily happenings of your call center and help you understand what your agents are saying on the phone.  This information can help you better train and improve your agents’ processes.

Listen to Calls Live With Live Monitoring

If you have the time to listen to live calls taking place in your call center, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the Live Monitoring feature.  This feature allows you to listen to calls in real time.

This feature works by showing a list of live calls taking place on your system, and allowing you to be a listener on whichever call you choose.  This lets you know what agents are saying to your customers in real time so you can give instant feedback to your employees following the call.

Assist Your Agents With Call Whisper

In conjunction with the Live Monitoring feature, most VoIP systems offer a Call Whisper function.  Call Whisper comes into play when you’re listening to a live call taking place on your system.  With this feature, you can not only listen to the call, but also talk directly to your agent without the customer hearing.  Essentially, this allows you to “whisper” to your employee to help them during the call.

This feature is important to use when you’re listening to live calls because it gives you the opportunity to help an agent who is struggling to close a sale or having trouble resolving a customer issue.

More Resources for Call Center Managers

As a call center manager, you know how important it is to know what your agents are saying to your customers. To meet this need, most VoIp systems come with a number of features that allow you to listen to and interact with your customer calls.  You can use the features above to begin increasing your call center’s efficiency and your customer satisfaction rate.

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