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How to Make the Most of Virtual Call Center Software


Virtual call center software is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. But because virtual call center platforms are such powerful systems, it's easy to overlook key features. These overlooked capabilities are great ways to increase productivity and revenue, so it’s essential to utilize every feature you can.

In this quick guide, we'll share the best-kept secrets of virtual call center software features. Whether you’re an agent or supervisor, these tips will help you take advantage of all the benefits of your system.

For agents

Adjust your availability at any time

There are a number of features available on virtual call center software that are available that can help your agents work more efficiently. One feature you may not already be taking advantage of is the pause button. This button allows you to pause your time in the agent queue so you can focus on additional after-call work or excuse yourself for a break.

Keep track of customer questions and issues

Virtual call center software also gives you the ability to leave notes in its platform after each of your calls. This feature helps you keep track of a customer's issues or preferences. The next time that you (or another agent) communicates with them you’ll be able to help them more effectively.

For supervisors

Coach your remote agents in real time

As a call center supervisor, you know that agent training never really stops. Virtual call center software can give you the tools you need to conduct training from introductory training sessions to performance reviews.

Call whisper is a particularly useful tool when it comes to turning your new recruits into super agents. No matter where you or your agent is located, you can use call whisper to offer feedback and guidance - and the caller won't hear you.

Customize your own quality assurance evaluations

Quality assurance assessments an important part of any call center. But every call center has its own specific way of measuring success. Because of this, some virtual call center platforms allow you to develop your own questions for these evaluations so you can target them toward your personal key performance indicators.

Configure call routing settings

Calls coming into your call center can happen at any hour and any day. Because of this, call center supervisors often choose to organize their call queues in specific ways. Virtual call center software has a number of features that allow you to customize these queues. Time of day routing and percentage based routing are two features that can help you do this.

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