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How to Monitor Agents in a Virtual Call Center

Worried about how to monitor your agents in a virtual call center? Put your mind at ease by learning about the many call monitoring features available.

Monitoring Agents in a Virtual Call Center

In a Virtual Call Center, most employees work remotely from different locations. Because of this, our customers are often concerned about their ability to monitor their agents. Well have no fear! Today we’re going to talk about the features that Virtual Call Center software offers for monitoring agents in real time.

Call Recording

Most Virtual Call Center software comes with the Call Recording feature. With this feature, you can listen to and download any call that takes place over your call center service. In terms of monitoring agents, Call Recording is essential. It gives you the ability to go back and listen to any phone conversation. This allows you to use past calls as a training tool for your agents so collectively, you can improve the customer experience.

Live Monitoring

For those looking to listen in on agents’ calls, Live Monitoring is a must have feature. You can listen to calls remotely right when they’re happening. This feature is helpful for giving feedback to an agent immediately following a call.

Call Whisper

To tie in with Live Monitoring, a feature called Call Whisper is becoming popular for supervisors who frequently listen in on calls. This feature allows you to coach your agents in real-time without the customer being aware. With this feature you have the ability to improve the customer service experience in real time.

Agent Reports

With Virtual Call Center software, numerous reports are available for download and analysis. These reports give you up-to-date information about each of your calls and agents. You can monitor how many calls a specific agent takes, how long each call lasts and a variety of other statistics that will help you analyze both inbound and outbound calls.

As you can tell, despite the fact that your agents may work all over the world, it’s easy to manage your Virtual Call Center. By using a combination of the features above, you can effectively monitor your agents and improve your customers’ experience.