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How to Promote Your Toll Free Number

If your business has a Toll Free number, you’re probably aware of the numerous advantages it has for you and your customers. Not only does it offer your customers a free way to contact you, it’s a cost effective marketing tool for you as well. Many of our customers utilize Toll Free numbers but are looking for ways to take them to the next level. To help them, we’ve written this article about the benefits of promoting and how to promote your Toll Free number.

The benefits of promoting your Toll Free number

A Toll Free number opens up a world of possibilities for your business. The primary benefit that a Toll Free number can offer your company is a recognizable and free way for current and potential customers to reach you.

When this phone number is regularly recognized and used, your business is bound to increase sales. With a larger influx of callers, your pool for potential customers can significantly grow.

How to promote your Toll Free number

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, a Toll Free number gives your company a strong presence in your industry. But if you aren’t effectively promoting this number, your market may not find you. That’s way it’s extremely important to promote your Toll Free number the right way.

Promote your Toll Free number on social media

Potential customers will often do their research online before reaching out to your company. Because of that, it’s important to keep these profiles up to date with your current contact information, including your Toll Free number.

Because this number is free for them to call, make sure it’s a clearly displayed means of contacting your company.

Promote your Toll Free numbers on marketing campaigns

Whether you’re launching a new email promotion or you’re executing a direct mail campaign, you should make sure that you’re displaying your company’s Toll Free number.

Depending on where you promote your Toll Free number, you can use the incoming calls to this number as a way to track your efforts. You can keep track of who is contacting you using this number so you can not only see where a majority of your customers are, but you can make sure your marketing campaigns are giving you a good return investment.

Other places to promote your Toll Free number

We’ve covered some of the places you might not know to promote your Toll Free number on, it’s also important to include it in these some-what obvious other places. Be sure to add this phone number to your website, letterhead, email signatures and any promotional materials you create.