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How to Reach Customers without a Local Number

Virtual phone numbers are becoming increasingly popular as businesses begin to take their companies global. These types of phone numbers give businesses an efficient and cost-effective way for their customers to contact them. Local phone numbers, in particular, are extremely popular because it gives a business the appearance of a local presence in a specific city where their customers are located. However, local numbers aren’t always readily available or even accessible to every business. Because of this, we’ll explain how to reach customers without a local number so your business can continue to market to their worldwide customers.

How to Reach Customers Without a Local Number

Local phone numbers are commonly requested by businesses to better help market themselves to a specific segment of their customers. However, these phone numbers are sometimes hard to get for certain cities because of a lack of availability and because of certain requirements that are mandatory for owners of that type of number.

Because of this, we often recommend a Toll Free number as good alternative to a specific local number. A Toll Free number offers similar benefits for both the business and the customer. Below we’ll explore the types of restrictions you may experience with a local numbers and then explain the benefits behind a Toll Free number and why that may be a better option for your business.

Local Phone Number Requirements

Local phone numbers sometimes come with more restrictions and requirements than other types of phone numbers. This typically stems from government regulations regarding ownership of country/city specific phone numbers and their protection from outsiders.

For instance, a specific local phone number may come with the requirement of an actual physical address in that location. However, most businesses like to have local phone numbers because they don’t have a physical address in that area and because of that, local numbers aren’t always available to them. So, we offer Toll Free numbers as a better alternative.

Toll Free Number Benefits

Toll Free numbers are just as popular as local numbers and may actually be more effective for your business.

For starters, they rarely come with the same strict requirements you can sometimes see with a local phone number. They are also specific to a certain location around the world. This means a Toll Free number can still give your company the look of a local company without the use of a specific local phone number. Lastly, these phone numbers are Toll Free for callers within that specific location. That means that these callers won’t experience a charge for calling this number and thus, will be more inclined to call you.

As you can see, Toll Free numbers are a great alternative for businesses who can’t access a local phone number. Both numbers, however, provide a variety of benefits for any business but they truly shine when they’re used together to project the global footprint of your company. Consider both of these virtual phone numbers when you’re shopping for a new number for your business.