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How to Set Up a Hotel Reservation Center

A hotel reservation center is essential for keeping your hotel running productively and efficiently. After all, it’s not just a call center that helps you manage incoming reservations. When you think about how to set up a hotel reservation center, you’ll also want to remember that it is often home to the first of many interactions with your valued guests.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to set up a hotel reservation center from two perspectives. First, we’ll review some of the basic features and functionality that you’ll need from your phone system or call center software. Then, we’ll talk about how to create build and manage your hotel reservation center from a customer service perspective.

How to Set Up a Hotel Reservation Center: Features and Functionality

Purchase a dedicated phone number

A dedicated phone number for your hotel reservation center makes it easier to manage incoming calls. When you know that every reservation comes in through the same number, you’ll experience a smoother workflow.

It also makes life a lot simpler for your customers. One phone number is easier for customers to remember and causes less confusion.

Set up routing rules for incoming calls

Even if you have a single phone number dedicated to your hotel reservation center, you’ll also need to set up rules regarding how incoming calls should be routed. This helps ensure that customers are directed to an available agent right away and that they’re connected with the correct person.

Proper configuration of your call routing settings is a technical item, but it also helps boost customer satisfaction. The less time that your callers spend on hold, the happier they’ll be.

Integrate your phone system to other applications

Another important element of setting up a hotel reservation center is integration. Whether you plan to work with your existing phone system or upgrade to a new call center software, you need to be able to integrate your CRM and any other essential software applications. This helps keep all your information in one place and thus, helps your hotel reservation center run more efficiently.

Creating Positive Customer Experiences in a Hotel Reservation Center

In addition to the technical aspects of setting up a hotel reservation center, it is also important to consider how you can create a consistent and positive experience for your customers.

Train your hotel reservation center agents effectively

Thorough and rigorous training is essential to the success of any call center, but especially for a hotel reservation center. Your potential guests will expect a personalized experience at every stage of the guest life cycle, which begins before they even arrive at your hotel. In order to provide this, your agents need to live and breathe your hotel’s brand promise.

If your hotel reservation center agents work remotely, it can be especially difficult to deliver a comprehensive guest experience. In this case, it can be helpful to provide your agents with the opportunity to visit the properties that they represent. This not only ensures that your agents are knowledgeable about the hotel, but also allows them to develop a personal connection with the property.

Monitor customer feedback

In the early stages of developing a hotel reservation center, customer feedback is crucial. There are several ways that you can actively seek reviews. You may choose to include a brief survey at the end of every call that comes into your hotel reservation center, or even follow up with guests via email to ask about their experience.

Call recording and live monitoring are other useful tools for keeping your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction. These features can also be used to develop more detailed training materials as your hotel reservation center grows.

Communicate with your guests through multiple channels

Today’s guests are accustomed to communicating on a variety of media channels. In addition to corresponding with your guests by phone, you’ll also want to create consistent lines of communication through other outlets. If a guest initiated contact by calling the reservation center, you’ll want to ensure that your agents maintain that communication by sending multiple pre-arrival emails.

Even after the guest has come and gone, you’ll want to ensure that you keep communication open, and provide multiple outlets for guests to contact you.

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